June 01, 2024

WordPress Playground: New Way to Create, Test, and Build Websites

WordPress Playground is a new way to test themes, plugins, blocks, websites, etc. It is different from WordPress Studio. WordPress Playground lets you create a copy of your website with a WordPress plugin without making the test pages live. It is a creative way to test plugins, blocks, and new themes.

WordPress Playground: New Way to Create, Test, and Build Websites: eAskme
WordPress Playground: New Way to Create, Test, and Build Websites: eAskme

WordPress Playground:

WordPress Playground is a WordPress plugin to learn WordPress, website building and test everything. Your test data is not uploaded on any server. It works with VS Code, Node.js and mobile apps.

Antonio Sejas, Berislav Grgicak, Adam Zieliński, and WordPress.org have developed this plugin.

According to Adam Zieliński, Playground is a one-click WordPress that allows developers to test themes, plugins, and sites without creating web hosts or other technologies.

It works on the try-before-buy strategy. Without creating a new website, developers test websites, plugins, and themes.

Playground does not disturb the original website and files.

Download WordPress Playground plugin from here.

With WordPress plugin, you can do two things:

  • Create a WordPress copy in private.
  • Test WordPress themes and plugins.

Features of WordPress Playground:

  • Create a Sandbox of the website.
  • Preview plugins from WordPress.org.
  • Export snapshots.
  • Build native apps for the App Store.

How WordPress Playground Works?

WordPress Playground creates a copy of your website with all the files and database. It keeps your original files safe when testing new themes and plugins.

WordPress Playground loads a copy of your WordPress website in a browser window. Your site data stays in your browser as long as you do not close the window.

How to Use WordPress Playground?

  • Go to wp-admin of your website.
  • Open the Sandbox site in the “Tools” menu. It loads a copy of your WordPress site.

Anne McCarthy shared a WordPress video explaining WordPress Playground: the ultimate learning, testing, & teaching tool for WordPress.

How to Test Plugins with WordPress Playground?

  • Login to wp-admin.
  • “Add new plugin.”
  • Choose the plugin and click on “Preview.”
  • Install and activate the plugin in the WordPress playground to test it.

What is the Difference Between WordPress Playground and WordPress Studio?

WordPress Playground WordPress Studio
Free WordPress plugin. Free WordPress software.
Create, test, and share WordPress sites, themes and lugins without creating localhost. Creates localhost on laptop to install WordPress to test and create new sites.
Playground is best to test test themes, and plugins. Studio is best to create WordPress sites from blog to eCommerce.
Playground create copy o fexisting website. Studio do nto create copy of existing site. It let you create a new website.
Compatible with Elementor but not with Divi. Studio is compatible with every WordPress website builder.


WordPress Playground is an interesting plugin that creates a copy of your website to test plugins, themes, and everything else. The best thing about Playground is that it lets you do everything without the need for a web host or WordPress setup.

WordPress Playground FAQs:

Can Playground Help Newbies to Learn WordPress?

Yes. It lets the developer test everything from plugins to themes.

Is WordPress Playground Compatible with Elementor Website Builders?

Yes. It primarily works with the Elementor plugin.

Is WordPress Playground Compatible with Divi Website Builders?

It is still under testing.

What is Playground Blueprints?

WordPress playground blueprints are a set of guidelines for creating new websites.

Can I Create, share, and save the site with Playground?

Yes. Playground makes it easy for developers to create and test websites. To save the WordPress site, you need to visit playground.wordpress.net and choose the save option in “Settings.”

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