July 03, 2024

Is Code-To-Text Ratio a Google Ranking Factor or Not?

By Sona Mathews

Is Code-To-Text Ratio a Google search ranking factor? Do you want to use the Code-To-Text Ratio for Google search ranking? Can the Code-To-Text Ratio influence rankings?

Code is a must for any website. Without code, there cannot be a site or app. While coding can make or break a website, it is also believed that coding can influence search ranking or ranking signals.

The code-to-text ratio impacts responsiveness, speed, indexing, and user experience. To create the best user experience, SEOs work, SEOs work hard to find the best Code-to-text ratio for clients' websites.

Is Code-To-Text Ratio a Google Ranking Factor or Not?: eAskme
Is Code-To-Text Ratio a Google Ranking Factor or Not?: eAskme

It is not easy to determine the code-to-text ratio, yet SEOs try everything.

But does the Code-To-Text Ratio impact your Google search position? Let's find out.

Let's understand everything about the Code-To-Text Ratio and its impact on search.

Code-To-Text Ratio:

Code-to-text ratio is the percentage of text compared to code on the webpage or website. Code-text ratio checkers are available to calculate the exact ratio.

It is a must to have optimized code on your website or page. Anything more than that is unnecessary. Yet, it is good to find out if your code is impacting search ranking.

Claim: Code-to-text ratio is a Google Ranking Factor

The code-to-text ratio can directly influence user experience. Code-heavy sites load slowly, which negatively affects user experience.

Sites with low code or poor coding create design, crawling, and indexing issues. The code helps search engine engines understand why the page is there and its relevance to the website.

Evidence: Code-to-text ratio is a Google Search Ranking Factor

Google’s John Muller once said that HTML code does not affect website search engine rankings.

Although Google does not outrank sites based on their code, too much code is not beneficial for users. Complex or hidden codes can damage your page's SEO and rankings.

It is better to optimize code to create a fast-loading website with a clean user experience. Better user experience and Core Web Vitals score are important for better rankings.

How to Optimize Code-to-text Ratio?

The code-to-text ratio directly impacts Core Web Vitals score and user experience.

  • Check code errors using the W3C validator tool.
  • Check the HTML code errors and fix them.
  • Improve code and get rid of any useless code to improve page load time.
  • Compress images, use cache codes, and get rid of flash codes to improve website speed.

Conclusion: Code-to-text ratio is not a Google Search Ranking Factor

Your website code is not a ranking factor. Yet, it is important to optimize website code to optimize load time and responsiveness and fix coding errors. It is best to optimize the Code-To-Text Ratio within 20-75%.

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