How to Become an Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turks is a human workforce capable of doing tasks simple for humans but impossible for computers. MTurks, or Mechanical Turks, earn small monetary rewards for each approved HIT and complete Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs). Tasks may include transcribing audio or identifying a photograph.

o    1
Register an Amazon Mechanical Turk account.
o    2
Go through the HITs to find one of your interest. The search engine allows various searches based on such things as most recently posted HITs, most time allowed , reward amount. Click on "View a HIT in this Group."  To view detail on a HIT. Complete  a Qualification Test successfully to be qualified for of HITs.

Click on  "Accept HIT" button to accept the HIT. There always a time limit to complete the HIT. You may do as many HITs as you want, in any order.
o    4
Complete the HIT and submit by clicking the "Submit HIT" button.
o    5
Wait for your HIT approval. Once your HIT is approved, the reward will be posted to the your Amazon MTurk account and will show on the MTurk Dashboard. This account can either be transferred to a U.S or converted to an Amazon gift certificate.

Tips & Warnings

·         Regularly check to see what new HITs are available.
·         Return  HITs that cannot be completed on time.

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