January 28, 2015

How to Check if an Image is Photoshopped or Not ?

Everyone use Photoshop or some other image editing software to change look of any image. People are so good in morphing images that we can`t decide just by viewing it. But there are few online tools available to find out if a photo is Photoshopped or not.

We explain two tools which perfectly detect Photoshopped and morphed images.


Fotoforensics is an online service which provide exact information about photoshopped and morphed images. There algorithms is so good to detect whether image is morphed or not. This website shows 4 types of information that will helps you to find out if the image is photoshoped or not.
Four types of information are :
  • ELA
  • JPEG%
  • Meta Data
  • Original
How to Check if Image is Photoshopped or not using Fotoforensics:
1. First go to fotoforensics website and upload image which you want to check.

2. After uploading the original image it will show two photos, one is original  and another one is analyzed photo.

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3. Now you can see ELA of the image you have uploaded and find if it is Photoshopped or not.


Error Level Analysis (ELA) show error level on image that will help you to detect the image was Photoshopped or not . If it shows some color in image analysis that means the image is morphed or edited . If the image does not change then it shows normal white color on the image.


Using the Jpeg%, you can easily detect the image morphing ratio . It shows the quality of image when it was originally saved. If the quality will be decreases that means it is modified using software. Here you can see JPEG last saved at 84% quality (estimated) .

 JPEG last saved at 84% quality (estimated)

Meta Data:

Most of the computer geeks know about how to remove Meta data from images. But still some  information is available in Meta data section. It displays information like when it was created, modified and which gadget is used to take that photo.


In Original section you will see the original version of that image.
This is another tool to check if the image is Photoshopped or not. This show which photo editing software was used. If you upload fully Photoshopped photo then it shows a message like Yes and give all the details about that photo.

How to Check that an Image is Edited or Not?

  1. First open imageedited and upload an image that you want to check.
  2. It will take few seconds to retrieve all information about that image. Click on “Show Exif information” to get exif information.
By using this service you not only check whether image is edited or not but also reveal some other important information like exif data of image, meta data of image. There is a unique feature available in this website that you can find if it is taken from Facebook or not. If images are downloaded from Facebook then it shows a message“Photo has been taken from Facebook”.

How these Online Tools are working?

Fotoforensics works with some kind of algorithms like jpg%, error level analysis etc. and photo edited? Gathers data from exif and Meta data. If it can not get any Meta or exif data from the photo then it shows a message like can not tell.

These tools are working perfectly to check if image is photoshopped or not but these are not enough because most of Meta data already deleted. 
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