How to Be Famous

"Famous", this word has changes the life of so many people, and millions or billions of people still dream of being famous. We all pray and dream to be famous. Being famous give us attentions of everyone and also make us feel great and is a food of our ego.
How to become famous : eAskme
How to be famous : eAskme
To be famous people do many things. They do good or bad things. But only good fame is that sustain for life and also after life. There are lots of ways that can make you famous some take lots of hardwork and some take lost of smart work.

How to be famous ?

It takes time. There are few ways I am mentioning that can lead you to be famous. Some are weird and some are awesome ways.

Make your own tape :

Create a video of your own doing something that attract other and also what you think surprise us, sometimes doing stunts, doing weird dance can do the good.

Have a kid at 15:

This is also known as being famous trick as few times the people who were minor had their own baby and it create controversies and they grab attention of everyone.

Marry an old but Rich man:

This also bring fame of sometime. Where media persons are looking for controversial marriages. if someone marry really old person for money that grab attention of news and people for sometime.

Become Singer or Dancer:

Now a days so any talent shows are going on. if you have talent then apply there and give performance your performance on TV will bring you many followers and you also get attention of others.

Be a Model :

This is a great way to be famous. But here success rate of girls are more than guys. Girls can be model easily and get money and fame both together. Starting of being model is struggle but once you get first offer and you get success in that than it will bring you long time success and fame. To be a Model Visit here :

Have famous blog or website:

You can create or have a blog or website and make it famous. This is an easy way to get attentions of thousands of people. You should have good content and it will bring you millions of followers worldwide. The more famous your blog will be the more famous you also be.

Invent something:

If you are in science or technology, and you feel you are next Einstein. than start investing something. But it is very hard and take lot of hard work and still no guarantee of success. its all depend upon your luck , knowledge and what you are trying t invent.

All the ways I have mentioned here shows that there are many ways that can make you famous. But it is truth of the time that Woman get famous easily where guys have to do lot of hardwork to be famous.

Always trust your instincts and try best to be famous and you will get what you want.

Do share your own views on how to be famous or how you want to be famous. 

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