5 Ways to Get More Backlinks in Less Time

Backlinks are known as one of the most important factors of search engine ranking and domain authority. Your backlink profile tells how good or bad your site reputation is. It is really necessary for every business to get more quality backlinks in less time to beat the competition.

Getting links is most important for a blog and website. Here are some of new ways to get quality backlinks.

5 Ways to Get More Backlinks in Less Time : eAskme
5 Ways to Get More Backlinks in Less Time : eAskme

Add "link to this Post/Page" in Article Footer :

Many of the readers do not know HTML. So they can`t link articles as they don`t know how to do it. You can create this link by adding this in article footer.

<textarea rows="2" cols="40" onclick="select();"><a href="">Article Title</a></textarea>

In wordpress you can use below code:
<textarea rows="2" cols="40" onclick="select();"><a href="&lt;?php the_permalink(); ?&gt;?php the_title(); ?&gt;</a>"></textarea>

Dominate Discussion Forums :

Search for discussion forums in your blog niche. Register and participate in discussions, post links of your site also with solving issues of others.

Also add link to site in your signature.

Get Profit from Bad Guys :

Create RSS feed and add one link from your blog or site in each article. This way you can get so many backlinks from scrappy people.

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Twisted Article Directory :

You can publish articles in goarticles and ezinearticles. They need to approve your articles first, once they approve you will see so many backlinks to your blog.

Quality Content Advise :

Always write quality content, This is a great way to get link back from other bloggers. You can also try to buy backlinks with care.

Do share with us how your link building goes.

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