May 28, 2018

Best Websites to Buy High Quality Backlinks for Your Site: Guide

Do you want to rank higher in search engines? Do you want to boost your organic and social media presence? If yes then you should write link-worthy pillar and evergreen content all the time to attract more shares and gain more backlinks.

BUt do you know that even if you do all the hard work of writing awesome unique content, still there is no guarantee that you will attract high quality backlinks from authority websites or blogs. So there are less chances that your blog or website can get high quality backlinks just by working hard and promotions. Usually you may see that the link you attract are not that much healthy as much you need to rank higher in search engines results.
Best Websites to Buy High Quality Backlinks for Your Site: Guide: eAskme
 Best Websites to Buy High Quality Backlinks for Your Site: Guide: eAskme

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It is very common that everyone wants to link to a popular website and noone cares about the low brand or less popular websites or blogs.

So the question is that how you can get high quality backlinks? Don`t worry here I am going t answer it today.

Best Websites Xto Buy Backlinks:

Yes, you read it right. I am going to talk about how you can gain high quality backlinks by buying them. So it is the bargain time and here is the cheat-sheet to buy high quality backlinks in no time. I have already shared about what is backlink and importance of backlinks.

The Importance of Backlinks:

In you are a newbie blogger who wants to take his/her blogging to a new or next level then you may think that why you need backlinks from authority websites. Let`s answer this WHY?

Autopilot Referral/Organic Traffic:

If somehow you can get the backlink from high authority website which receive millions of traffic everyday, then you can easily grab a good part of that traffic. This will help you turn that traffic into readers, followers or leads. This also helps to make more sales and make good money. But always focus on High authority backlinksBoost Search Ranking

As I have already said many times, backlinks improves your search engine ranking. The more high quality backlinks ensure the more search visibility of your content. This shows the value for a reader and this makes a search engine to rank your content higher in search results.

Trust factor also plays an important role here. Backlinks also pass link juice from its source sites. This is the reason why pro bloggers recommend you to disavow low quality backlinks to stop bad effect of low quality link juice.

Faster Indexing:

More backlinks and higher Domain Authority ensures the faster indexing in search engines like Google.

Build a Brand:

Don`t you love brands? We all love brands. Branding is not only for bigger businesses but it is also important for blogs. I have already shared the detailed guide on Building brand for your blog.

Backlinks also plays an important role to make your blog look trustworthy and help you to grow the revenue.

Make More Money:

Backlinks are also helpful for you to generate more money in passive ways. It make your site popular and high ranking in search results.

This will result into grabbing more traffic and you can easily convert that traffic into subscribers, leads or sales. That means you have good chance to make more money.So these are few of the benefits of High quality Backlinks.

Things to Remember before you Buy Backlinks:

After reading above things you may have already made your mind to buy high quality backlinks. But it is not as easy as you think it is.

There are certain things which you should keep in mind  while buying high quality backlinks. Now let`s see the important things you should look before you buy backlinks

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Do you want to buy high quality backlinks now? That means you need to set some budget for this purpose. Your budget can be as huge as your project is. remember you do not want to invest $1000 for a website which have earning potential of $100 only.

So the very first thing is to critically analyzing the earning potential of your blog. If you are a newbie blogger then i will advise you to invest between $20 to $25 in the beginning. If you get good results than you should spend more.

Quality over Quantity:

Remember search engines give value to those blogs or websites which have quality backlinks. You may have seen that there are few blogs which rank higher with just 100 backlinks at the same time there are other blogs which do not rank that good even if they have 1000+ backlinks. This is where you learn about quality of backlinks.

There is no doubt that .edu and .gov backlinks add much more value than any other backlinks. So your first target should be to buy backlinks from .gov or .edu sites.

No to Identical Sources:

Do not get backlinks from the same source. Search engines hate this. You cannot hide links from Google. Always diversify the links.

Purchase Links to Inner Pages:

Never build all the backlinks to your homepage only as google will easily catch this and penalize your blog. Always try that the backlinks will point to the inner pages of your blogs.

Relevant Links ONLY:

Always look for niche relevant backlinks for your professional website or blog.

Buy Links for Long Period:

If you are running a professional blog for long term then you should buy backlinks for long term only. Short terms are good only for event blogs. Links for short period can harm SEO of your blog.

I believe that now you know the points which you need to consider before buying backlins from sites. So it is the time to look for the sites from where you can buy quality backlinks.

Buy High-Quality Backlinks using These Sites:

So you are interested to buy backlinks for your blog or website. Let`s see the list of these best websites to buy high quality backlinks.

Links Management:

Linksmanagement is a tool which do not require any introduction in the SEO world. Link Management is always the first choice to buy links online. They offer huge list of high PR sites to buy links online. I also recommend and prefer links management.

Linksmanagement is a complete online link portal with a tons of features. The best thing whcih i like about Link management is that they have glance tool which allows you to preview sites before you order backlinks.

They filter option allows you to sort backlinks according to the PR, price etc.

Linksmanagement also offers you a dedicated SEO manager to help you in SEO backlinks. Your SEO manager will buy HQ links for you. But i highly recommend that you do it yourself as it cost you money.

They also helps you to buy .edu backlinks after a deep research.


    You can easily buy high PR backlinks.
    The preview feature allows you to check preview.
    Buy cheap backlinks.
    Choice to buy permanent or temporary links.


    The payment system is little complicated. First add funds into linksmanagement account and than pay from there to buy backlinks.
    Charge $15 to keep link contracts alive.

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Blackhat World:

If you are in blogging world then you may have heard about Blackhat World already. It is a forum which teaches you the best blackhat strategies online. They also helps you to buy backlinks.

You can easily learn working backlink strategies from forum members. Even you will get offers to buy backlinks. They offers high PR cheap backlinks. This is not a dedicated site to buy backlinks, so it may take some time before you find some offers online to buy backlinks. Always remember that you should go for only high quality backlinks


    Really cheap but high quality backlinks.
    Interact with the sellers.
    Communicate on your own platform.


    Trouble in your way if you do nto do any research.
    Beware of low quality backlinks.


Don`t you know what is the meaning of Blackhatlinks? Word blackhat spread fears among webmasters.

Do you know that no matter how you build backlinks it always knwn as balckhat in one or other way. As Google has never asked you to build backlinks. So you need not to worry just because of site name.

Blackhatlinks is the best place to buy cheap backlinks. They are not providing contextual backlinks or site wide backlinks. But what they offer will make you buy from them.

    Bookmarks Links
    Blog Comments
    Social signals
    Wiki Links
    Web 2.0 Backlinks


    Very cheap backlinks.
    Get links within 24 hours.
    Backlinks from sites with minimum number of outbound links


    Fullu automated.
    No gaurantee of high quality links.
    Only  bulk link building service.


Search engines like backlinks from high authority sites online. If you are looking for the backlinks form the both web 2.0 and high quality sites, then Postlinks is for you.

You just need to sign up for a membership plans to buy web 2.0 and high quality backlinks from this site. It works on a online credit system. Their system calculates the link price of the backlink according to the Domain Authority.


    Both web 2.0 and high authority backlinks.
    Only HQ backlinks with good Domain authority.


    Buy membership plan.
    The basic plan costs you $49.

Backlinks: is the best place to buy high quality backlinks. is one of the most prominenet site which can help you boost your blogging journey.

They even replace bad links with good one backlinks. For example if you paid and get bad backlink then they will fix the issue and replace bad link with the good one. You can search their directory to find the sites from where you want to get backlink.

You can even make money buy selling backlinks on this site. You can also join affiliate program of and make good money.


    You can use automation facility.
    Replacement for bad backlinks.
    Even you can sell backlinks.


    There is no permanent backlink feature.


If you are looking for one of the best place to buy an excellent SEO service than SEOclerks is for you, no matter you are looking for on page optimization, backlinks or social signals. SEOclerks is the one-stop place for anyone looking to buy an SEO service, be it backlinks, social signals or on-page optimization.

There are good chances that you can find high quality backlinks on the homepage even without signing up. It has an awesome filter system to classify popular gigs. their filter allows you to sortaccording to the price also.

Even you can make money by selling your own SEO service.


    Backlink services for everyone.
    Seller ratings with reviews.


    Searching process can be time consuming.


Are you sleeping even now? if you think You never heard about Fiverr.

Fiverr is one of the most popular freelancing platform which help freelancers to make good money by offering their services. You can sell gigs at $5. It is also a good place to find quality backlinks

But before you make any choice do your research.


    Tons of quality link builders.
    Efficient filter to find gigs.


    Filthy backlinks can come in your way.


I believe this guide to buy backlinks is going to help you in good way. This is the list of 7 high quality best websites to buy backlink for your blog or website..

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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