January 20, 2020

6 Ways to Gain Quality One Way Backlink in 2024 for Your Blog

The most significant problem for a blogger is to get one-way backlinks. It would be best if you focused on the quality of the backlinks.

The most common way to earn high quality backlinks is to earn links from sites with high domain authority and search traffic.

So today we will discuss how to get a one-way backlink for blog or website. You may even think of buying backlinks.

6 Ways to Gain Quality One Way Backlink in 2024 for Your Blog: eAskme
6 Ways to Gain Quality One Way Backlink in 2024 for Your Blog: eAskme
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How to Build Quality backlinks for your blog ?

Commenting using Top Commentator Plugin:

This is the easiest way to build backlinks for your blog.

If you come top in the list of Top Commentators list, then you will quickly get one backlink from each page of the blog.

It gives you a lot of backlinks. You can also use a recent commentator widget.

Here are 300+ High PR Dofollow Blog Comment Sites List 2024 for Backlinks.

Contests on Blog:

You can quickly start the contest and spread your name and build backlinks rapidly.

You can ask participants to blog about your competition to be eligible or subscribe to your feed or approach product makers and ask them to sponsor the contest.

Prize can be free themes or some cash.

Informatic Amazing Posts:

Writing informatics and quality articles help you gain more traffic to your blog and also another link to your article, which give you excellent backlinks.

Promote your articles on social media.

Don not fill your content with keywords, but create a practical content piece that will make it easy for the reader to follow your advice or tips.

Tip: You can also start writing posts about trending topics and this will also help you earn backlinks.

Submit Articles to Web Directories:

Find free web directories and submit your blog to them. This is a quite fast way to gain backlinks.

You can also submit to paid web directories.

Tip: When you try to build links from directories, make sure that you should only target relevant directories.

Guest Posting:

There are multiple benefits of submitting one guest post.

Guest posting is a great way to get popular yourself and your brand and also get backlinks. Start guest posting campaign and start writing for popular blogs.

This way, you get quality backlinks.

Every day I am getting 10-20 email where bloggers are asking me to publish a guest post on their blog as this can help them to gain more traffic when I share the same with my followers.

Till now, I have been published directly and indirectly on over 150 blogs.

But if you are new to guest blogging, then you may find it challenging to go ahead.

Remember: Always add value to the site where you are doing guest posting.

Webmaster Forums :

Participate in webmaster forums. Regularly take part in discussions. Put a link to your blog in signature to get more traffic and links.

But remember never spam forums as they will ban you.


Not just focus on building backlinks but also focus on analyzing backlinks nature and quality.

Also, keep updating your link building strategy year after year.

Do share your Link Building tips. Which is a fast and reliable method according to you?

If you still have any question, do share via comments.

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