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13 Crucial Elements of Incredible Blog Posts! [Do You Want More?]

Give your blog post the power it needs. Add these 13 important elements to your blog post to make it effective.

The blog is an essential part of marketing for business websites.

13 Crucial Elements of Incredible Blog Posts: eAskme
13 Crucial Elements of Incredible Blog Posts: eAskme

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According to OrbitMedia, every fifth blogger gets 22% better marketing results with the help of blogging.

In the past couple of years, the result percentage has kept declining.

  • Why is it happening?
  • Why are blogs getting failed when it comes to driving results?

The most common reason is that bloggers still believe in outdated strategies such as:

  • Focus on users; ignore Google.
  • Google only ranks high-quality content.
  • Search intent is everything.

You will sum up everything with "high-quality content."

But what is that?

Is it high enough that you cannot meet the required quality?

Here is what you need.

Follow these 13 crucial elements of remarkable blog post writing.

Compelling Blog Post Topic:

Understand what your audience wants.

If you don't, it is the right time to visit the best places like Google Analytics and check which blog posts support your business.

Find out the need and questions of your potential customers.

Check the pages to find out what your audience is looking for on your website.

Ask questions, run polls, and get reviews from your audience on social networks to understand what is important to them.

This way, you can find many more content topics than you can imagine.

SEO-friendly Blog Post URL:

Is your URL according to Google's URL Structure guidelines?

No one likes to read numbers, hyphens, and repeated words in URLs. Using date or year in your URL is also not the best idea.

It is best to change your date-specific URLs to URLs without dates.

Author of the blog post:

It is effective to display the author of the blog post.

Always display the author's name with the photo at the end of the blog post. Also, allow some description to introduce the author to your visitors.

It will help build trust, and your audience will know that they are reading from a real person.

This strategy will also boost your social media share on popular social networks.

Create a table of content:

Table of content help your audience know what you have shared in the blog post.

It also makes it easier for your audience to navigate to a certain point or sub-topic quickly.

Use an anchor tag to link your content with the table of contents.

Search engines also like the table of content strategy as it improves user experience on your website.

Optimize Headlines:

Attractive headlines will boost user engagement with your posts.

You will have more page views and social shares.

Google has also shared best practices to write headings.

Without compelling headlines, your post will lose a massive number of traffic and search visibility.

Use headline optimizer to write catchy headlines that make readers open the post.

Write Compelling Introduction:

Open the first paragraph with an introduction to the topic.

As catchy headlines make users open your post, compelling introductions will bind them to read your content.

It is important to say what you are offering in your post.

Don't just give your readers everything. But give them enough hints to make them go through your complete post.

Work on Sub-headings:

Bloggers usually forget to work on sub-headings.

Understand that heading and subheadings make your content structures beautiful.

It is easy for the human eye to scan the structured content.

Use keywords in sub-healing to help search engines find out what you have said in that section.

But do it logically.

You should follow the title tags system such as H1 for heading, H2 for sub-heading, H3 for the next important point under the subheading, etc.

Most of the time, you will not need to touch the H3.


The Internet is filled with advice from experts or pros who claim that 4000-word content works better than a 1000 words post.

Length never matters.

The length of your content depends on the topic, style, and target audience.

A blog post is good to that length where readers are not getting bored or annoyed.

Creative Visuals:

Creative visuals attract readers and make them spend more time with your content.

You cannot expect a reader to spend 60k more time on every image.

But you must use creative images, graphs, charts, etc., to engage users with your content.


Ending your post is as important as starting to write one.

It is possible that by the time your reader meets the end of your post, he has forgotten most of the important points.

To make your conclusion effective, you must summarize the blog post with some points.
Also, add some CTA to your blog post.


Links are important. Linking make it easy for readers to navigate.

Link to pages that are highly useful for your audience.

Internal links are important, and you should learn the art of internal linking for maximum benefit.
Use external links when necessary.

Schema Markup:

Schema Markup is part of technical SEO.

With the help of Schema Markup, search engines identify your content type.

You should use different Schema Markups for News, blog posts, and articles.

If your blog is on WordPress, then you can also use Schema Markup plugins for WordPress.

Also, add, Breadcrumbs, Navigation, FAQs, etc.


Once you feed everything to your reader, it is time when your reader is about to leave your site.

This is where you should add suggested articles and keep your readers on your site for a long time.


These 13 crucial factors will help make your blog post super engaging and effective.

If you follow the above tips, then it will also reduce your bounce rate and improve your time on site.

Your blog should also use a clean design, easy navigation, and a responsive and fast-loading theme.

To learn more about making your blog post effective, you should read more in the Blogging and Writing Tips section at eAskme.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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How to Optimize CTA with Alternatives to Click Here?

Is your call-to-action always coming down to "Click here"? Do you want to optimize your CTA for better search ranking and traffic?

Click here is one of the oldest CTA, which is also sometimes replaced with "Learn more," another boring CTA.

How to Optimize CTA with Alternatives to Click Here?: eAskme
How to Optimize CTA with Alternatives to Click Here?: eAskme

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If your user is truly looking for the answer, he will surely click the "Learn more" CTA button.

But do you have to use these two only?

Let's find out.

What is more than "Learn More" and "Click Here"?

To get better results from your CTA, you first educate and lure the visitor to the CTA button.

For this, you should first do some basics:

  • Set Goals.
  • Understand user behavior.
  • Build Trust.
  • Add clear directions.

Does it seem easy to you?

According to SmartInsights, only 2.8% of web pages convert in the USA.

But have you ever imagined what 97.2% of web pages are lacking?

Let's follow the tips and understand how you can fix this.

Make Next Step Interesting:

Place your CTA button at the very point where your content can make the visitor crave to take the next step.

No one will click a CTA button if it comes before that melting point.

And, to influence your visitor, you need to write lucrative content, title, and description.

If your landing page is not valuable, users will never return to your website again. And you will lose the same opportunity to build trust.

To better understand, follow this example.

Urgent CTA:

A call-to-action link that creates urgency grabs more attention and clicks than other CTAs.

The sense of urgency will make the visitor click the link and find out what else is there.

The most common example of urgent CTA links is a product launch or new product offers.

People love to see what is new.

You can add a link that works, something like this screenshot.

As you see, there are no photos of the products, yet the sale is about to end today.

This creates a sense of urgency, and the visitor will immediately open the link if he is interested in your products.

You can add creative visuals and infographics to educate users about your offering on the landing page.

You should also follow this strategy and add similar CTAs to your content.

Multiple Choice:

The multiple-choice CTA links are the links where users get multiple options to act.

Even if you add Multiple choice CTAs within your content, it will not bring any good results if there is no clarity.

When users see more than one CTAs, they need clarity about each CTA to understand what it is about and where the link will take them.

Optimize the CTA button with color, text, and icon.

The best strategy is to eliminate the "learn more" button.

Rather than using something like "Know more," you should use "See what we do and why."

It narrows down the user's choice and only talks about the particular interest.

Stop using traditional CTAs like "Continue," Read More," "Learn More," Shop Now," Download," "Click here," and "Click here."

Traditional CTA buttons work poorly when it comes to conversion.

Run tests and tell your users what they should expect from the CTA link.

Reduce Risk:

Call-to-action comes with the risk of your user living your content or marketing strategy.

To lower the risk, you should do a few things:

  • Clear text and relevant landing page.
  • Easy to read and digest.
  • Compelling.
  • It should display in the best position.
  • No other CTAs.
  • Easy navigation.

When a visitor leaves a page, he forgets about where he was and started looking at the new page.

It is necessary to have all the influential information on your landing page to make it convertible.


CTA should be best placed where your visitor is eager to take the next step.

Ignore generic call-to-action buttons such as "learn more" and "Click here."

Use the CTA link only when necessary and place it in the best position.

Your content is your way of influencing the visitor to click the CTA link and visit the next page.

What do you think?

Share via comments.

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Best Tips for Writing a Review Article

As a freelance copywriter, sometimes you have to write review articles where you discuss a product and service in detail.

In these review articles, you talk about the features and benefits of a service or a product in detail which make it stand out from other services.

Best Tips for Writing a Review Article In 2021 [Indepth Guide]: eAskme
Best Tips for Writing a Review Article In 2021 [Indepth Guide]: eAskme

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Writing a review article is a daunting task, especially when you are not familiar with the product that you are writing about.

If you want to write a truly effective review article, then you need to know the Article Writing Basics.

Knowing these basics would allow you to create engaging copies and review articles for your clients.

Let’s start with some basic article writing concepts and then we’ll move onto the review article writing tips.

Article Writing Format: Objective, Steps, Concepts

Whether it is a general information article or a review article, there are some basic key points that are applied to all forms of article writing.

Here are the points that you first need to consider when doing article writing


  • What is the idea behind your article?
  • What is the topic that you are covering and what is the targeted audience for that topic?

Once you have answers to all these questions, you can move to the next step.


This is where you define your strategy for going about writing the article.

You write the steps that you are going to be covering and the way you are going to approach the content.

It is kind of like creating an outline for the content.


You need to know the basic concept or idea behind the topic that you are writing on.

This will allow you to focus your content on a single point which would result in an article that is engaging and focused.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of rewriting a review article, you can use the essay rewriter by SEOMagnifier.

This tool will automatically generate review articles for you based on the content that you add to the tool as input.     

Writing an Article for Reviewing a Product

Writing a review article is quite difficult for beginners. But it doesn’t have to be that way for you.

You can go online and look for the review articles to understand how review articles work.

Here are the basic steps involved in writing a review article

  • Write product intro
  • Explain the Product in detail
  • Write the best features of the product
  • Talk a little bit about the pros and cons of the product

You can use the sentence changer by SEO Tools Centre to write review articles for products and services.

This tool will help you come up with engaging terms that you can use to make your review article way more effective and influential.    

Review Article Writing FAQs

What is an example of an Article?

The content that you see on blogging and review sites is all example of an article.

You can read these blogs and review articles to get an idea about what an article looks like.

How do you write an Article?

You first need to come up with a topic, the sub-topics, and all the relevant ideas that you are going to be covering in the article.

After that, it is just about using the right words and decent vocabulary to make your content stand out from the rest.  

How do I start writing articles?

You can start by creating a blog for yourself.

Or, you can go to freelancing platforms and start providing your article writing services there.

The more work you do, the better you’d get at writing articles. 

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me.

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4 Tips for Working with SEO Freelancers

SEO is, to put it mildly, a broad field. Indeed, there are dozens of ways that organizations can optimize their site for performance on search engines.

This includes practices like web design, copywriting, website maintenance, and link-building to name a few.

4 Tips for Working with SEO Freelancers: eAskme
4 Tips for Working with SEO Freelancers: eAskme

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As such, it’s no surprise that many organizations have to team up with SEO freelancers from time to time to complete certain projects and increase their site visibility.

With that in mind, today we’ll focus on how business leaders can effectively hire, manage, and collaborate with SEO expert freelancers now and in the future.

4 Tips for Working with SEO Freelancers

Vet their Credentials

Unfortunately, virtually anyone can claim to be an “expert” in SEO. While it may be tempting to take a freelancer on their word, don’t.

Instead, review their CV, ask to see examples of their previous work, and –– if possible –– contact old employers for additional references and perspective.

Too many individuals online will falsely claim to have experience or expertise on SEO-related matters.

So always be careful when you decide to bring on a freelancer at first!

Provide Context

Just because a freelancer is an SEO expert, it doesn’t mean they understand your business, your customers, or even your priorities.

As such, it’s crucial for business leaders to communicate important information about their company before they assign tasks to freelancers.

For example, a company that performs foot surgery may need to explain the basics of a bunionectomy to their new freelance writer.

While many freelancers are happy to learn new things and perform research on their own, giving them context to start will definitely help get the relationship off to a good start.


Want to ensure that you and your freelancer are always on the same page?

Then you need to communicate with them clearly and frequently.

Let your freelancer know key due dates, expectations for project size and quality, and always keep them abreast of any changes that may occur during the process.

Freelancers may be talented, but they’re not clairvoyant!

Build Trust

Hiring an unproven freelancer at the last minute to assist your team with a vital project, is –– obviously –– less than ideal. It’s a poor business practice to hire new freelancers to take on important projects.

Rather than only hiring freelancers out of desperation, it’s much better to build up relationships with freelancers over time.

By giving a few freelancers assignments of increasing complexity and importance over time, you can build trust and ensure quality performance.

That’s why professionals should embrace working with freelancers now. One day, you may need their help!

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4 Ways Good Writing Skills are Beneficial for Your Career

Writing is a highly important skill for executives and managers who want to be successful in their jobs. In this digital era, writing skills have become even more important for communicating with your boss, clients, colleagues and subordinates.

4 Ways Good Writing Skills are Beneficial for Your Career: eAskme
4 Ways Good Writing Skills are Beneficial for Your Career: eAskme

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It is seen that the people having well written online profiles are more likely to catch attention of the employers looking for potential candidates for the vacancies.

Since it has become easy to access professional profiles of prospective employees through social media and other online platforms, the employers can rapidly judge your communication skills through your writing skillfulness.

Listed below are the ways good writing skills can be beneficial for your career.

1. Prove Your Credibility:

Employees with good writing skills are generally considered as valuable resource and companies around the world are spending more money on their employees to train them and to and improving their writing skills.

Good communication is scored on your performance appraisals; hence you should also keep working towards improving your written communication skills.

Imagine you sent an email to your company’s client that’s full of errors and doesn’t convey the message clearly, what would the client think about you and your company?

Therefore, good writing skills are necessary for the sake of your reputation and credibility.

2. Show Your Professionalism:

Good writing skills are highly necessary for the people having a job that involves writing – such as the case of professional essay writer, journalists, bloggers, content marketers, etc.

In modern workplaces, professionals belonging to every sector are expected to have good writing skills.

That’s because in a job, you’ll be frequently required to compose emails, compile reports, type memos, letters, notifications etc.

You need to write in a manner that’s clear, comprehensive, formal and well organized, thereby depicting your professionalism and capabilities.

3. Communicate Effectively:

As mentioned earlier, professionals are constantly involved in writing emails, letters, memos, and reports.

All such correspondences require good writing skills so that you can communicate your commands, invitations, offers, and ideas effectively.

On the other hand, poor writing skills can be a hindrance to your promotion as the management will view you as an incapable employee for a senior post.

People with poor communication skills considered as less intelligent in the corporate world.

Furthermore, if you are a manager and you fail to direct your subordinates through effective communication, your job can be at stake for lacking leadership skills.

4. Enjoy Promotions:

If you are a junior employee, improving your writing skills can open doors for you to be considered for a senior position.

Hence, the better your writing skills are, the more often you will be admired by your colleagues and your seniors, and they’ll turn to you for the help if they need to draft effective writing pieces and the word will get around.

The management will also return to you for crafting documents with clarity and accuracy.

Thus, good writing skills cannot only help you grow as a professional but also help you get exciting career growth opportunities.

If you still have any question, do share via comments.

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4 Ways to Fund a Start-Up Freelance Career

Starting as a freelance writer can be an exciting venture. Especially if you are set out to be your own boss and do things your own way.

You have probably studied all of the guides and know what it takes to start the freelance business of your dreams.

4 Ways to Fund a Start-Up Freelance Career: eAskme
4 Ways to Fund a Start-Up Freelance Career: eAskme

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You have set up a website detailing all of the work you do, posted sample works to attract new clients, and set up subscription options for everyone who visits your site.

There may be one thing you haven’t considered though, how you are going to make ends meet during the first few months while your freelance business is taking off?

Here are four ways to fund a start-up freelance career to keep things going while looking for that big break.

Small Business Loans

Small business loans may be an option for beginning freelancers looking for a way to finance their needs while waiting for clients to come pouring in.

Small business loans are harder to find for freelancers than some other start-ups, but they are possible.

Finding the right loan for your specific needs will require some research into companies and requirements for the desired loans.

Thankfully the internet offers the perfect research tools to find the best rates and available lenders.

There are many articles that will help you to find credible lenders in the vast collection of online loan companies.

Car Title Loans

Another option available for some freelancers is a car title loans online.

Utilizing your vehicle as a guarantee, you can get funding for your start-up when other options seem out of reach.

Be sure to research the process of how car title loans work before applying.

Essentially though, these loans allow you to borrow on the value of your automobile.

You will be able to keep your vehicle, though the loan company will place a lien on the title until you finish paying the loan.

It is much like refinancing your home, only using your vehicle instead of your home.

Sponsorship Support

Looking for other avenues for revenue to keep your new freelance business up and going, sponsorships for your website are a useful and at times, rewarding idea.

Sponsors are primarily people who pay to advertise on your website.

There are thousands of sponsorship opportunities, and some can offer lucrative income; however, most just help keep a website going.

Through some online searches, you can find many companies that are looking to sponsor freelancers in this way. Knowing where to look and how to get sponsors takes some further research.

It will take time, but in the end, sponsorships could help keep your dream going until it takes off.

Family and Friends as Sponsors

One final option available for covering the expenses of a start-up freelance career is that of friends and family.

It is often hard to ask family and friends outright for the money to pay for anything. Much less something they may or may not agree with you doing.

There is another way, however.

You can ask them through email campaigns and by setting up accounts through crowdfunding.

Websites like Patreon, Kickstarter, and others offer a way for you to provide something for others in the form of payment for their small donation to your cause.

Keep Striving for Success

No matter which route you take or how you accomplish your dream of being your own boss as a freelancer, the vital thing to remember is to keep going.

There will be plenty of challenges, but they are not roadblocks, simply bumps along the way.

If you still have any question, do share via comments.

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5 Useful Online Writing Tips for Beginners

If you enjoy writing, then online writing is one of the best jobs for you. You don’t get any stress and workload. You can make the commitment which you can easily complete. Also, it gives you the freedom to go anywhere you’re not bound to work in the office for six to seven hours.

You can visit your friends, attend parties, and travel to new places.

As a freelance writer you can write from your home or even if you’re going somewhere.

5 Useful Online Writing Tips for Beginners: eAskme
5 Useful Online Writing Tips for Beginners: eAskme

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But keep in mind one thing you don’t get this freedom without your efforts.

When you start your freelance job you’ve to work hard to get high traffic.

Quality of your written content is the first important requirement without quality work you may not get the same success you dream about.

Our useful tips will help you if you are thinking to work as a freelance writer and prevent making the most common mistakes that new freelance writers make.

1. Planning is Key

Like hard-working planning and management are also the keys to success in the field of writing.

When you start a new business, it requires investment however online writing does not require any investment but yes planning.

If you want to own writing as a business you need a platform. It is a good idea to contact two to three companies for getting work.

As a beginner, you may find it challenging or feel a little anxious to manage your work.

The beginning stages of your work requires planning.

If you set your time table, then you can accomplish your task without any difficulty.

2. Select Writing Niche

Don’t go general. You may be assigned with the topics you know nothing about them.

If you are clear about writing niche this can prove helpful like if you think you are comfortable in writing academic content you are more likely to make considerable amount.

Students always keep in search to find writers who can help them in their academic essays and assignments.

If you’re living in any state of UK you have more chances and opportunities to get work as compared to other writers.

Several writing companies are hiring professional and expert writers to serve clients with quality work.

3. Build Relationships

The other thing you require for starting your career as a freelance writer is a good relationship with clients and companies.

There is a high demand for dissertation service uk, so many writing companies are looking for writers.

If you drop your resume, you may get calls from different writing companies within one or two days.

When you started to get work don’t compromise on the quality and try to complete your task before a deadline.

This will help you to build a good relationship with your customers.

4. Don’t Settle on Low Payment

When you start writing job you may get low paid because you’re fresh.

Don’t undervalue yourself if you start writing as a job then ask the client to pay you according to your desire.

It is true, at the beginning of your career you will likely to pay low, but your quality and quantity of writing articles can increase the figure of your profit amount.

5. Start Your Blog

Starting your own blog is another interesting idea.

First of all, you can earn money on blogging and writing on your website.

Secondly, it can attract the type of clients you are looking for.

For example you want to write for students.

You can begin writing articles that will attract students to your blog, and then you may get calls from students to write for them.

If you still have any question, do share via comments.

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Because, Sharing is Caring!

Handpicked online writing tips for you;

What is Pillar Articles: Art of Pillar Articles and How To Create It?

Blog is a source of quality content and a blogger is its content marketer. We all know the importance of pillars for a house. Same way articles are the pillar of a blog. Without pillar articles a blog will surely fall. So you should work on creating pillar articles. So lets discuss about the art of pillar articles:
What is Pillar Articles, Art of Pillar Articles and How To Create It: eAskme
What is Pillar Articles, Art of Pillar Articles and How To Create It: eAskme

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Pillar Article means Quality Articles:

Which articles provide quality information to readers, are quality articles. People only visit those blogs again and again which provide valuable information. Without this your blog won`t get good traffic.

We have already said hundreds of times that Quality is much more important than quantity. One single quality article can attract more than million visitors.But what I see is that everyone is running after quantity, which is not good to be successful.

Length of Pillar Articles:

Pillar articles always have details information about the topic and also solve the queries related to that topic, which increase its length. Pillar articles always add value to your blog and readers. An average human can read 200 words in a single minute, which means if your article is less than or around 200 words then it hardly take one minute for anyone to read it, which can be reason of high your bounce rate.

A pillar article are valuable as they bind your readers on the same article for few minutes.

Pillar Articles are Timeless:

Pillar articles are forever articles. Focus on the topics which keep good value even in coming years. Find timeless things on your niche and write pillar articles on such topics.

Pillar Articles are original and unique:

There are so many pillar articles get published everyday. But do all have unique content and quality ? Remember only unique articles keep eyes of people for long time and attract more visitors.

Write Pillar Articles are For Human:

If you just write for search engine then you are lacking the very important part of blogging. We all want visitors and visitors are humans. So you should keep focus on humans while writing articles. When people find your content useful it automatically get good rank in search engines.

Check this guide : Why and how to write article for readers

The more people visit your site, chances are that you get more links to your site. We already know that:

More Backlinks = Better Search Engine Ranking.
  • Pillar Articles are Longer  
  • Pillar Articles are Quality
  • Pillar Articles are Unique and Original
  • Pillar Articles are Timeless
  • Pillar Articles are for Human
Also See : How Not to Write Meaningless Posts

Fina Words: 

So now you know what are pillar articles are and what are the benefits of pillar articles. Do share what type of articles you prefer : Pillar or Filler ?
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How to Use Upwork To Hire Freelancer for Your Online Tasks?

Earlier Getting your job done online or making money online at cheap price was not easy. But with the time and spread of technology and INTERNET it is easy to get jobs done.
Main issues when you are searching a freelancer is to hire a quality person. Hire someone from reliable and trusted source, who can work effectively and efficiently.
How to Use Upwork To Hire Freelancer for Your Online Tasks?: eAskme
How to Use Upwork To Hire Freelancer for Your Online Tasks?: eAskme

There are Lot many online portals available but my recommendation is Upwork. This is one of the largest job portal to find freelancers from software developer to project managers.
You can hire for long or short tasks also. You can also hire a team of people if you have good management skills.

Create Free Account on Upwork:

On You can register yourself as freelancer or can hire freelancers to get your job done. We use freelancers for tasks like
  • Creating slides

  • Creating Youtube video transcripts

  • Creating blog posts from Youtube videos.

  • Niche writing
You can easily hire freelancers for any task.
  • Create a free account on Upwork. Just fill details and get started.

  • Complete details and verify payment method. 

  • Create job profile
Now after listing you job details the next rigorous and daunting work is weeding out the right person from huge list of applicants.

Tips to Pick the Right Freelancer on Upwork for Task:

Assess resume thoroughly. Match with your job description. Do a study of his past projects. Do not hire anyone with no experience.
  • Find positive reviews. Check if there are any red flags. They can hide reviews but it still reflect as hidden review. Be careful of those people.

  • Fix Skype call. Talk through email or chat for small work. But I prefer to know face to face. Ask about his experience and check interpersonal and communication skills.

  • Shortlist 2 or 3 people and assign a small join and check their credibility.

  • After hiring right person for the job, keep communication going on. Make it two way communication. Provide feedbacks and necessary information. 

  • Keep track with Upwork work dairy. You can see screen-shots with this and also keep track of time invested in work. 

  • Get support from Upwork customer care if you are not able to find right person for the job. 
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How to Pay:

Payments can be made through Bank Account, Credit Card or PayPal. You can pay at the end of project or hourly basis. Upwork charge 10% of each payment you make.
I suggest that you pay according to milestone of work. Upwork also manages billing hours. You can also maintain a financial worksheet.


It is always good to find talent online. Make sure to hire quality worker. It is always good to offload your work to people who are better. It save time and energy.

Do share your experience with Upwork or any other freelancing site you use.

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