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Blogging, this simple world has changed the life of many people around the world. In the beginning people were using blogs as a personal dairy. Then it changed to a knowledge sharing source. Now a days blogging offer everything which a website can offer. Blogging help you to make money and also to get financial freedom.

When someone want to start a blog, he always think about the cost to start a blog. I have already discussed about the cost to start a blog. This is actually an investment that people do to make things work professionally. Buy many people don`t want to invest in the beginning as they usually don`t know how to do Blogging and what is a blog and how to monetize a blog.

If you also have such questions and looking for a way to start a professional blog for free. I am here for you to help you.
Win a Free Blog : eAskme
Win a Free Blog : eAskme
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I am launching this contest today, and from now who want to win a free blog can participate in this contest.

How to Win a Free Blog:

To participate in this contest below is the criteria and requirements that anyone need to fulfill.

Criteria and requirements:

  • Subscribe eAskme newsletter.
  • Like our Facebook Page.
  • Follow us on Twitter.
  • Write a good article related to how to make money or any question that start with "How to".
  • Article length should be more than 1000 characters.
  • Share your article to get maximum readers, which article get maximum visit, author of that article will win a free blog.
  • Also visit maximum articles of and leave motivational comments.
  • Share eAskme Articles on your social networks.

What are the benefits of winning a Free blog:

  • You save money one Domain name.
  • You save money on Template.
  • You save money on Hosting.
  • Which means you save ($100 to $300), which is a huge saving.
  • You get our professional help to learn how to write a good quality article.
  • You also learn everything about blogging by reading our already published articles.
  • You will learn how to make money blogging with your own blog.
  • Also your name and social profile will be shown to our readers, which will help you to get more readers, followers for your blog and also help you get famous.
  • The biggest benefit is that you start making money online with your own blog without spending any money.

All these benefits you get for Free. Also You save a good money $100 to $300 to start a blog. So everything come to you for free and the knowledge you gain is priceless. So feel free to jump in this contest and win a free Blog.

If you do have any question, feel free to ask me. Do`t forget to subscribe our newsletter and like us on facebook and follow us on Twitter and Google Plus.
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