EASKME Exclusive - 2014 Traffic, Income and Expenses Report

I am a professional blogger from last few years. I have also shared monthly income report earlier to motivate our readers. Because everyone want to know how much they can earn from blogging. Money is the most important reason behind any job or work.

Today I have decided to share a whole year report of traffic and income to show everyone that how much they can earn from a blog. Remember that what I can do, you also can do the same. Here I am sharing major earning sources, to make you understand things clearly.

There are so many other blogs on which I work, but the major source of my income are these blogs. Here I am sharing traffic report and income source of Blogs. This report show you the income from January 2014 to 31st December 2014.

Traffic report from EASKME in Year 2014

EASKME Exclusive - 2014 Traffic, Income and Expenses Report
EASKME Exclusive - 2014 Traffic, Income and Expenses Report
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2014 Yearly income report  for All The blogs:

Here you will see the income and expenses report for 2014 year. 

Total Income from the blog: 9,41,340 INR ($15689 )

This is my total income from all the blogs which also includes blog consultancy, SEO services and WordPress theme services.  Here are some of the notable source with earning. This earning is counted from January to December:

    Google AdSense: $4471
    ShareASale: $1205.1
    SocialOomph Affiliate Program: $115.8
    Dreamhost Affiliate Program: $1320.38
    Hostgator Affiliate Program: $1800
    Clickbank : $700
    Elegant Themes Affiliate Program: $1246.8
    SEMRUSH: $1832.98
    Direct Advertisements: $3000

Total = 15689

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Expenses :

Domain and Hostings : $1235

Saving= $15689-$1235=$14454

As Blogging is the only source of income for me, by seeing above data, I am sure that you know I am doing quite good. I hope this report will be a motivational factor for those who want to make money blogging.

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