How to Create Free Android App in One Minute?

We all know that smartphones industry is booming. Millions of users are using different android phones. With the birth of Android phone, android apps also came in trend and not a days every popular website, blog company, organization have it`s own android app.

There are many types of android app that business or individual develop according to their needs such as gaming apps, navigation app, chatting app like whatsapp and wechat, Apps for website and blog, shopping apps etc.

Create Free Android App in One Minute : eAskme
Create Free Android App in One Minute : eAskme
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If you have seen EASKME also have it`s own free android app. You can download our free Android app from here

Benefit of an Android app for a blog or website:

  • It increase blog readership as most of the people use smartphones.
  • Good for user experience as it make your site appear easily.
  • Good to increase traffic as more people download and use android apps.
These are few of the main benefits of an Android app for a website or blog. Now let`s see how to create an android app for free to a website or blog.

Download : EASKME Android App

How to create free android app in one minute

  • Go to AppGeyser 
  • Click on "Create App" button.
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Create Android App : eAskme

  • Click on "website" and enter URL of your website. for example www.easkme.com.
  • Click on "Next".
Create Free Android App in One Minute

  • Click on "App name" and enter app name. for example EASKME.
  • Click on "Next".
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Create Free Android App in One Minute
  • Click on "Description" and enter Description.
  • Click on "Next".
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Create Free Android App in One Minute
  • Click on "Icon"
  • Click on "Custom icon" and choose icon of your blog and upload.
  • Click on "Next".
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Create Free Android App in One Minute
  • Click on "create App".
  • Now new page will open which ask you to register.
  • Register and login.
  • thats it. Your app is ready.
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Create Free Android App in One Minute
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You can download app and share app download link with others to download your app.

Download : EASKME Android App

It is really great to use android app for a blog or website. Since I started sharing my android app, EASKME traffic increased by 30%, which is great. I recommend everyone to use android app on their phones.

Do share if you using android app for your site or Blog? What you think about eAskme Android App?

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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