February 05, 2015

Best OST Recovery Tool to Recover Corrupted OST File

By Sonia

OST Recovery Tool to Recover Corrupted OST File and Convert OST to PST File format

Over the years, I have seen people struggling out with scenarios of OST file corruption. Although Microsoft Outlook has come up with efficient solutions for dealing with corrupted PST files but to deal with corrupted OST files, people have to depend on other services. Stacked fiercely competently against its peers, the OST Recovery software claims to offer a proficient solution for recovery of orphaned, corrupted or damaged OST files—but does it really works out so in providing such flexibility? I have  got my hands on one of its unit for the past weeks and here I present my  post which clearly  depicts a collection of my impressions that I gathered up while testing it.

The OST Recovery is a pertinent application with high end performance and is built with brilliant technology specs. It is well compatible with Windows Operating System 8.1 and all its earlier versions. The file size is 16.2 MB and it occupies a space of 20 MB on hard-disk. Being a user, you can well judge out from its specs that how efficient it can be. The spec mentioned over here definitely guides you in giving you a clear picture that the product is certainly worth a try.


Moving to its download and installation part, you can download the utility from the website of SysTools. The latest version of the product is 4.3 and it certainly speaks of effective technologies with which it has been incorporated to come up with years of excellence.

The product did not show up any complexities while carrying out the process of installation. To be very frank it never even asked for rebooting, which other application generally recommends after getting installed on the system. Another brilliant feature which deeply impressed me was that while I was installing the utility, it prompted me to create a quick desktop icon. This icon helps out in accessing the software quickly whenever there is some kind of urgency or you are in a hurry to recover the OST files.

Understanding the Basics

 Normally, OST files are created when the mailbox of Exchange server is configured with the Outlook profile in enabled cached exchange mode. This OST files allow users to work in offline conditions even when there is no connection with the Exchange server. Later when the connection is again established, the OST files are synchronized with the mailbox of Exchange server.

So basically we can say that OST files are replicas of copies located in server mailbox. Now, these OST files can get orphaned when the synchronization between the server and Outlook breaks or when the mailbox is shifted to some other location on the server. Apart from these there are corruption issues, and the OST files get corrupted or damaged due to several unknown reasons.

So, here is a tool which provides a complete solution for recovery of orphaned, damaged or corrupted OST files into PST file format. Besides that you can also recover the OST files in other file formats such as are PST/EML/MSG.

 Let us get deep into its functionality and analyze some of its working features.

Deep Scanning Process
It provides two intense methods for scanning the corrupted OST files. Quick scan process enables you to recover those OST files which have low corruption levels and Advanced scan mode for OST files which have higher corruption intensity levels.

Best OST Recovery Tool to Recover Corrupted OST File : eAskme

Flexible Filtering options

Well this is the feature which impressed me the most. Extending its scalability in making the task of user more convenient, the software provides distinguished filtering options.

Filter out data based on date Range
You willhave to just specify the date range by putting up the details such as ‘To date’ and ‘From Date’ to filter out data selectively. This feature saves both time and effort of users.

Best OST Recovery Tool to Recover Corrupted OST File : eAskme

Split PST Option

Considering the problem faced by a wide number of users due to over sized PST in Outlook, the application facilitates users in providing the split PST option. Once the OST files are recovered you can split the PST files on the basis of a specific size.

Export Features

Export Recovered OST files selectively

Once the recovery process is complete and you start with the exporting of files, here you have the option to select the desired files which you want to export .You simply have to check against that particular file which you wish to export.

Best OST Recovery Tool to Recover Corrupted OST File : eAskme

Export Recovered files in Bulk Mode

Another way of exporting files is by moving the files with their entire folder structure intact. For this you just have to select the Export option which is present at the right top. On clicking this option, you will be able to export all the folders present in OST file in bulk process.

Best OST Recovery Tool to Recover Corrupted OST File : eAskme

Suitable Naming Patterns

Using this feature you can save the recovered files in MSG and EML file format on convenient naming patterns such as sender wise, subject wise, date wise or even in auto-increment mode.

Displays Live Scanning Progress

The software provides you the facility forviewing the details of ongoing scanning process. You will get to view the exact name of the file which is scanned, details regarding its size and the date on which it was created.You can also stop the scanning process by selecting the stop option and then again continue it.

Best OST Recovery Tool to Recover Corrupted OST File : eAskme

Want to Test the Product?

If you are really interested for testing the product, well you have access for the trial version of the application which is there to get a better perception about its working mode. With the trial version of OST Recovery tool you can preview all the items that are present in OST files. However, one will be able to export only 25 items per folder.

Note: It must be carefully noted down that the demo version of the product does not allow users for exporting the body content and the concerned attachments of OST items like calendars, journals, etc.

Wrapping it up…

As I conclude the long story into short, OST Recovery comes out successfully in satisfying all the requirements of a basic user. It not only recover corrupt OST file but also efficiently converts them into PST and other file formats. As per performance rating, I am going to give it 4/5.Not everyone can stand out so brilliantly as the OST Recovery software in its category. It acts out a sturdy piece keeping the balance between functionality and performance. The collection of features which it represents certainly depicts that as a user you should give it a trial.

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