February 04, 2015

Which Sites Have The Most Valuable Search Traffic

I have already shared about how you can easily find high CPC keywords using SEMRush. SEMRush shows dollar value to organic traffic of any site. Their calculation is based on amount of money people are bidding to rank for those keywords.

Siege Media has used SEMRush’s Traffic Cost metric to find out which sites were generating the most valuable organic search traffic.

how to optimize WordPress Robot.txt File For Search engine Bots

Here s the infographic to show you it`s detail:

Which Sites Have The Most Valuable Search Traffic

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This infographic actually help you to know which site getting most valuable search traffic like Wikipedia.

You may have been surprised to see the value of Yellow Pages’ search traffic. Instagram also has fairly valuable search traffic. Site which are proving information have good search traffic than those which are selling products.

Refer these search engine guides:

Now you know that these are the sites which are generating most valuable free search traffic. You can learn from these sites and understand how they are booming in search engines.

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