Content Strategies To Improve SEO

The best way to improve your search ranking is to be a respected source or an expert for specific types of content. Search engines consider those sites most valuable which have in-depth information on a particular topic because they present information to the users who are finding it.

“Content clusters” on a website help search engine to determine relevancy of that site to a specific search query. usually sites which have same type of high quality content rank higher in search results.
Content Strategies To Improve SEO : eAskme
Content Strategies To Improve SEO : eAskme

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One popular strategy is to create content around keyword or phrase which show higher engagement engagement on your site. When you know which keywords draw most traffic to your site, then you should create more on that keyword.  This will to show relevance of content to search engines and improve your ranking. This will help you gain more traffic and more monetization opportunities.

Blogging & Content Marketing

Blog is a necessity for good content marketing. If you want that others take you seriously in digital marketing then you should have a blog. It help your followers keep visiting your site. This is truth for online bloggers and publishers. Still many big brands neglecting their blogs.

79% of companies with a blog experienced better ROI for inbound marketing than 20% of companies without a blog.

Branding for a blog is also helpful for their content marketing strategy. Blog is a customizable domain to share relevant information regarding content service or products of your site. This tells story to your followers with branded content. Blog is a place where content marketing journey of a blog starts.

Blog is critical foundation for content marketing, so you should take it seriously and focus on its layout, design and make sure that the content should be of high quality. Blog is a most important place for content strategy.

A great blog is a cornerstone of content marketing strategy. You need not to limit yourself to just creating and sharing content on your blog only. You should try and contribute to related sites to get your message and brand in front of target audience.

When your brand appear on various related publications then you will legitimize your business and build a huge fan base. It also establish your reputation as an expert in your niche. It help your potential customers and followers to recognize your brand on other sites. It also helps to build trust and strong relationship with consumers.

Blogging For Content Marketing

Running a blog requires a lot of patience, effort, resources and time. Blog is a valuable investment. To get returns from your blog you need to focus on optimizing it for readers and search engines. Search ranking will also help you reach a larger audience, get more organic traffic and extra revenue.

Tips to Get Content Noticed by Search Engines:

You should start working on crafting headlines of your articles. Catchy headline do wonders in content marketing. Popular content publishers spend more time to create catchy title for blog posts.

Guidelines to Write Better Headlines:

Be Concise

Everyone like to gain more information in short time. So you should fous on writing short, to the point and catchy headlines. Headlines with 8 words or less are best.

Use Numbers

Headlines with numbers help readers to understand what they can expect from article and also i gain more attention.

Offer Benefits

When you promise some sort of benefit to your readers, it also help you gain more traffic and engage readers with your content.

Optimize for Search

Include your main keyword or keyword phrase in headline. Search engines consider title to determine relevancy of an article to a search query. It is important to include topic of your article in title.

Tease Your Readers

Title which can increase curiosity of your audience always perform well. Write headline in a way that it hints at how article is interesting, funny, helpful or controversial. Don’t give all information of article in title, rather than make readers click to find out.

Catchy titles plays a big role in success of content strategy, but subject matter is also equally important. You need to combine high quality content with great headline

Tips to Choose Subject Matter:

Evergreen Topics

Just like evergreen songs that love regardless how old are they, there are evergreen topics that people will always be interested. Great examples of evergreen topics are technology, entertainment, celebrities, and food. Writing evergreen content articles will help you extend life and relevance of your content over time.

Expand On Previous Posts

Analyze old post and see which post perform best. Write more about those topics that perform better on your blog. It is an effective strategy to target audience.

Update Old Posts

It is important to create new content but it is more important to update old posts. It will extend life of existing posts.

Stay On Top Of Trends

Blog posts are short-lived and generally news breaking. To stay top trends you have to cover hot topics in your niche. You can quickly create content on such topics and also get quick results.

Blog is very important for the success of a business. Your blog act as the foundation of your content marketing strategy and gives you total control over brand image. Your brand identity should be strongest. Understand your audience and target them accordingly.

These are the Content Strategies To Improve SEO of your website. Follow them and you will definately see wonderful results. if you have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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