June 21, 2015

SEMRUSH Has Added Google India Search Database & Why It Matters

SEMRUSH is not just my favorite tool but it is also one of the most popular search engine tool. I have shared about SEMRush many times. I have also written how to use SEMRush for SEO Optimization and content marketing. I strongly recommend you

to read these articles. Following are the already published SEMRUSH articles:

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Till now there was no space for Indian search database but now to keep indian bloggers and webmasters attracted to SEMRush, company has added the Google search India database. This is the breaking news for Indian webmasters and publishers.

Today I will explain how to use the SEMRush Google India search database.

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How to use the Google search India database for your benefit:

I suggest you to use SEMRush while reading of this article. You can start with free SEMrush account or you can grab 14-day trail pro account for free. You can cancel your subscription within 14 days if you do not want to renew it.

Check competitors’ keyword rankings in India Using SEMRush:
The best thing that I love about SEMRUSH is that it allows you to check the keyword rankings of any domain for any country. Now you can even check Indian database and see which keywords are ranking.
Google search India database

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On the SEMRUSH dashboard, Go to Asia and select the Indian database.

Find profitable keywords:

SEMRUSH makes it easier for you to find valuable and relevant keywords even witout any technical knowledge. Enter domain name such as eAskme.com, snapdeal.com, flipkart.com, snapdeal.com etc., and you will see the list of keywords these sites are ranking for. This is one of the most effective and esiest way to find profitable keywords of your competitors.

Also it allows you to easily find long tail and related keywords. I always recommend you to use long tail keywords, as they bring highly targeted search traffic.

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This is really useful to target any niche where you cover all articles around that niche. You need to do research to find data based keyword. You should plan content strategy to make sure that you cover all related keywords.

How to Create micro-niche site in easy steps

You can use SEMRush to easily create a micro-niche site. I have already shared about how to create a micro-niche site. Keyword report help you to esily create micro niche site related to that keyword.

Check website performance easily in Google India search:

SEMRush also helps you to check how your site is performing in Google India search, You can even check sites of your competitors.

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Note: SEMRUSH`s SEO audit feature is one of the best tool in the SEO market.

Check live ad copies of any domain or keyword:

It help you to see ad copies for any target keywords. You can save a lot of money just by tapping ad copies used by many popular brands.

SEMRush : A complete SEO suite:

Today I have shared how to use Google.co.in database in SEMRUSH to grow business.

SEMRUSH also offers many interesting features, like:

    Backlink checker
    Domain SEO audit
    Domain vs. domain comparison
    Keyword difficulty checker
    Keyword position tracker

You should try SEMRush features.

Create a SEMRUSH free trial account

Do share if you are already a user of SEMRush and how was your experience so far?