How to Get More Blog Readers and Keep Them

Do you want more blog reader? why? Why your blog need them? Today we will discuss answer of all these questions. It is not easy to increase blog readers, but if you do then you never need to worry about traffic. The more readers you have the more traffic your blog get. It means it is important to increase blog readers. Today we will discuss about how to increase your blog’s readership.

How to Get More Blog Readers and Keep Them : eAskme
How to Get More Blog Readers and Keep Them : eAskme
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When you target traffic, you main target should be converting traffic into readers. The best way to get readers is to get targeted traffic and this happened always on a niche blog. If you run a multi-niche blog then mostly chances are that it become hard for you to convert traffic into readers. Search engines all prefer niche blogs. Now if you are getting some traffic and you want to get more then this post is for you. Lets discuss how your blog compel visitors to subscribe to your blog.

Ultimate tips for Getting more Blog Readers and Subscribers:

Social media is a big player to get you high quality traffic and readership. You can also refer a guide of Gaurav about how to write your article for readers and search engines.

How to get more blog readers:

 Guest Posting

Guest posting is publishing articles for other blogs, this is a famous way to increase followers. If you think that guest posting is a waste of time then you should think again :benefits of guest posting. Guest posting is an easy way for gaining readers.

Some of the best benefits of guest posting are to getting referral traffic, get a backlink  and targeted traffic. Target niche blogs and blogss who are have similar niche like ur blog. It will increase targeted traffic which will increase your readers.

Blog commenting:

This is one of the best way to do branding and get traffic for your blog. This is very easy and effective way to drive targeted traffic. Commenting help in both networking and referral traffic.

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Make your gravatar noticeable and write extremely awesome comments. Comment on top blogs, comment on the blogs in your niche, blog posts. Your comments should add some value to their post. Also your comments should show your knowledge.

Write about Hot topics

Everyone like interesting and attractive information, so do some research and find hot topics in demand. Select topic and write detailed information about it and publish it. This help you get new visitors and also improve your readership. Be the first to cover important topics. Subscribe to official product pages and sign up for Google alerts.

Write about mind-blowing topics with awesome information. Cover topics in-depth that are in demand.

Integrate Subscription options

Use email subscription notes or email subscription services so that your readers can subscribe and get updates of your posts in their email. Add email subscription box in prominent place of your blog and add some attractive lines or offer giveaway to your subscribers. Attract people to subscribe your blog. This is the most effective way to gain more subscribers.

Use Social media

Now a days Social Media is a powerful and easiest way to get new readers easily for your blog. Social media is full of millions of users and some of them surely be interested in your niche and they will become reader of your blog. This is old but gold method.

Social media is also a strong way to promote your blog as users of social media then to share your articles which in return give you more traffic. This will  get your blog more readers who are interested in your niche. Make list of posts that perform great of your blog and start promoting them on social networks. You can use Social Metrics plugin on Wordpress.

Blog design and layout:

“First impression is the last impression” and “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” how contradictory statements for each other but still both are true. This is what blogging is. High quality content help your blog in terms of recognition, but unique content help further more.

Rather than adding lots of ads, add premium ads. Offer easy navigation with clean design. Optimize page loading speed of your blog.

Dedicated Subscription page:

You can add a dedicated subscription page for readers and also write to remind your readers to subscribe via social networks. Repost subscription reminder in every one or two months.

I believe there are hundreds of more tips and tricks to increase your readership. Choose your tip which you prefer to do. Do share your own suggestions via comments.If you like this article do share it on twitter and Google Plus.

This is a guest post by Sonya Rizones. If you would like to write for EASKME, check our guest posting guidelines.