November 02, 2018

5 Tips to Obtain an Attractive Writing Style

Attractive writing style is not about being seductive but it is about being lucrative. It is about offering something that your readers can easily digest or what they are dying for. To make things attractive in your writing, you need to add some easily available ingredients into your blog writing.

Earlier I have I wrote a post containing tips to Write Perfect SEO Optimized Blog Post.

I spend most of the time reading, writing and blogging.

There is a major role of writing style in order to make a blog become brand and gain authority.

5 Tips to Obtain an Attractive Writing Style: eAskme
5 Tips to Obtain an Attractive Writing Style: eAskme

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I like learning and writing about content writing. Today I am sharing with you some basic style tips for obtaining an attractive writing style.

Attractive Writing Style

When it comes to blogging, not everyone is a natural writers. But if you are a natural writer than you can easily write fun, attractive and readable text in minutes.

Attractive writing is just all about your talent. Even if you are not a natural writer, you should practice writing skills  and it will definitely help you.

How to Obtain an Attractive Writing Style

Read a Lot

Want to develop an attractive writing style, then start reading a lot. Rea blogs, magazines, novels etc. This will inspire you to write awesome articles.

You will learn how many writers use words and make attractive stories.You will learn the art to play with language.

Formal or Informal

Blogging allow you to write in an informal style. Still there is different approach of every blogger.

Try to write in an enthusiastic manner. Enthusiastic style always fits the audience. Focus on your brand and audience and then decide your writing style.


Do proper mixing of keywords, long and short sentences. Avoid writing every sentence very long. Long sentence can create complication for readers. Alternate the sequence of words. Use synonyms.

Never Use Abstract Concepts

Use clear terms while writing. Use words that people can easily visualize and understand meaning. SEO is an abstract concept, but ranking high in Google search will makes clear what you mean.

Even if you have to use abstract words than write and make it clear what you you want to tell by that word.

Use Expressions and Metaphors 

Metaphors can be a great help to spice up bog posts.  Metaphors or expressions make your text attractive, clear and more fun. People instantly understand what you want to say. Don`t overdo it.

Write Your Own Story

Use a Tool or Neighbour

I have discovered an awesome tool hemingwayapp. It is an online tool where you put your text and analyze if your sentence is too long or not.

The other way is to ask your friend, neighbor or colleague to read before you post online. With their feedback you can make large improvements.

Final Words:

There is no doubt that most of us can`t write and English Novel. But still some of us write easier than others. Obtaining an attractive writing style is harder to learn.

But with practice and using these 5 tips to obtain an Attractive Writing Style, you can easily write a decent post. Blogging can change your life by making you a perfect writer.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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