October 22, 2018

How To Enable HTTPS For Your BlogSpot Blog?

HTTP (Hyper-text transfer protocol) S (secure) is now a crucial web-standard. It is highly recommended by Google itself for webmasters to follow this. HTTPS is great when we talk about secure data connection or encrypted data transfer between website and an online user.

HTTPS also protects data from common hacking practices such as man-in-the-middle-attack and data sniffing.
How To Enable HTTPS For Your BlogSpot Blog : eAskme
How To Enable HTTPS For Your BlogSpot Blog : eAskme
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I need not to go deep inside the technicality of HTTPs, as I know you also want to keep your data secure.So lets move to how HTTPS is going to be useful for security of your users.

HTTP (Hyper-text transfer protocol) S (secure)

Whenever you submit or form or send something online, your data is getting transferred in common text format and a hacker can easily hack it using sniffer tools. Sometimes your data also includes your password and ids. HTTPs makes it possibelf or you to transfer data in encrypted format as this keep information secure. That is why every online banking site or e-commerce website using HTTPS from the begining.

In 2014, Google has made HTTPS as a necessary practice to rank high in search engine. It has attracted mixed reactions from bloggers and webmasters. Even from my point of view it is really good to keep information more secure for readers and visitors. So if you are one of the those who want to get benefits of HTTPS then this is a good news for you.

BlogSpot blog owners can get benefit of free HTTPS as Google offering them. So today I am going to help you about how you can enable HTTPS on your blogSpot blogs and also some important information.

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How to make your BlogSpot Blog HTTPS enabled for free:

Google has already enabled this feature for all the BlogSpot.com blogs worldwide. Right now this feature is not available for customer domain names on blogspot platform but sooner or later it will be there also. So if you also using a domain name with .blogspot.com then you setup HTTPs with following steps

  • Login to BlogSpot blog dashboard
  • Click on the dropdown
  • Go to settings
  • Go to Basics 
  • Go to HTTPS Settings option
  • Select Yes from the HTTPS availability dropdown
  • Click on save.

This feature not only make your blog enable for HTTPS but it will be available for both HTTP and HTTPs. This can cause some issues for blogs with mixed content. Such issue occurs only when some information of your site load from insecure HTTP, but if all of your content on blogspot then you may not face this issue. This is an awesome feature and I am also waiting it to become available for custom domains on blogspot platform.

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I am eagerly waiting for HTTPs to be available for custom domains, As soon as I get update I will share with you. Till the time do share what you think about HTTPS.

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