October 18, 2019

4 Common Reasonable Dilemmas in Passionate Relationships

By Sona Mathews
All relationships experience internal conflict differently. Different spouses have their way of handling problems and expressing love.

According to experts, there are four typical problems in a relationship that we all have to face.

A healthy connection needs various things.

Patience, respect, love, and most importantly, the willingness of both spouses to go through thick and thin together.

Couples will realize their love for each other when they are mad or pissed off with one another.

At this point, most spouses end up separating.

Dilemmas in Passionate Relationships: eAskme
 Dilemmas in Passionate Relationships: eAskme

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The majority of couples forget that a relationship is not just built out of love, but also struggles.

Whether you live independently or together, some common issues will still cloud your happy bond with your partner.

Issues that can lead to a bad relationship or split involve money, chores, time limitations, and distractions.

To control such problems, the affected couple requires a correct understanding of each other.

Here is a brief and straightforward list of problems in a union that require extra effort and understanding.

1. Distractions

In the current world we live in,spouses are very much distracted from each other with daily tasks and jobs.

Nowadays, couples spend their time talking about home changes, shopping lists, and asking irrelevant questions.

These are common predicaments but they carry the possibility of substantially ruining your bond.

The current technological era has seen numerous people develop a habit of constantly using their smartphones.

Because of the 'digital age,' the youth nowadays are so busy on social media and texting that their presence is rarely noticed.

So, how can you manage this before it gets out of hand?

If your spouse constantly complains about the amount of time you spend on your phone, then you need to get concerned and handle the matter. Make a schedule of when it's necessary to use your phone.

Try to engage more with your partner, take a stroll outside, or sit down with them and make an agreement on how you will better yourself.

2. Money

Finances may seem insignificant, but it is among the most noticeable area for lovers to fight. A common thing you will hear with open relationship advice is to make sure you’re financially stable.

Asking too many questions on what is being bought and the amount spent can cause insecurity issues.

For both of you to have a healthy bond, you need to balance every aspect of it, and finance is one of them.

To solve the issues with money, spare a few minutes and make a suitable budget detailing what to buy and how much to spend.

Be precise and frank.

Prioritize your spending nature and stick to the budget.

3. Career Stress at Home

Sometimes, you may find that one of the partners is stressed out because of a job deadline and ended up forgetting to shop for groceries.

Such a typical problem can bring destruction to a relationship.

For this issue, try talking to each other about your day at work. Try and be an "asset" to your partner rather than being a "liability."

Try as much as you can to avoid being rude, raising your voice, or even fighting because your partner is in a foul mood.

Such typical concerns in a relationship require calmness and patience.

4. House Chores

Problems are certainly going to cloud your love life if there is a neglect in home chores management.

One may feel insignificant, unsupportive, and disrespected if the other partner leaves them to take care of all of the house chores.

When faced with such an incident, the best thing you can do as a couple is split duties or roles.

One can decide to cook while the other cleans.

It shouldn't seem like a burden targeting a particular individual in the relationship.

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