How to Use Multimedia to Build Your Email Lists

Although there’s plenty of value in a well-written piece of content, the internet is increasingly catering to the visual nature of its visitors. Witty tweets can’t always compete with a well-placed photo, and an informative article doesn’t have the same punch as an infographic. Dive into the rich world of multimedia content to engage your audience and build your email list.

How to Use Multimedia to Build Your Email Lists : eAskme
How to Use Multimedia to Build Your Email Lists : eAskme
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Share Your Message with Sharp Imagery

If you have a marketing message that you can condense into a single photo, then craft a piece of compelling imagery that shows, rather than says, what your latest campaign is all about. This could mean pulling out your most powerful quote and turning it into a bold image with smart typography and a beautiful background. If you’re promoting a new product, find a way to highlight that item beautifully in an image. Never underestimate the powerful visual punch that a well-done graphic can deliver.

You can use your image to add more pizzazz to your email marketing. It will help break up the broad expanse of text and can even act as an intriguing clickable link to a page with more information. Take time to craft images thoughtfully and build a bank of high-quality photos and graphics that you can plug into your emails.

Build a Flickr Group

How to Use Multimedia to Build Your Email Lists

Flickr is more than just a collection of photos. It’s an interactive community of visually driven individuals who enjoy seeking out the best photography on the internet. Gather your images together in a Flickr collection and you can connect with people who are interested in your industry. An active Flickr presence will give you access to a community of more than 112 million photographers. Although it’s often overlooked, it can provide you with a gold mine of opportunities for making and strengthening your business contacts.

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Optimize your photos with relevant keywords so that they can be found when a user searches for terms related to your product or industry. Make sure to include relevant links to promote your web page and email newsletter in the descriptions and on your Flickr profile so that you’re giving visitors everything they need to dive in and learn more about your business.

Get Visual on Social Sites

How to Use Multimedia to Build Your Email Lists

Populate your Twitter and Facebook posts with video and images to slow down your followers and grab their interest. It’s easy to scroll past a drab text post, which is why the competition is getting increasingly visual. Promote your email list in posts that feature visual elements to increase your chances of grabbing your viewers’ interest and getting them to engage.

Consider offering only half of the story in a compelling visual post. Film an engaging video that ends in a cliff-hanger. Offer the second half of the story via email to your subscribers. You can do something similar with still photography. Get your viewers to ask what the excited child is gazing at just outside the frame. Pique their interest with a close-up of the lace detailing on your latest designer dress. To see more, viewers need to turn to their inbox.

Find Your Video Niche

How to Use Multimedia to Build Your Email Lists

Video is a powerful form of multimedia that helps you connect with your audience. To best use it, you have to find your business’s particular niche.

Do you work in a fast-paced environment that’s always bustling with new developments happening behind the scenes? Let your customers into that world with a peek at what goes on in your office or on the production floor. If you have a product that requires a little skill to use, how-to videos are an excellent choice. Think about your product line carefully and consider the different ways you can educate buyers in your area. If you sell makeup, beauty how-tos are an obvious pick. A furniture company can offer interior design hacks.

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Find the right approach and begin featuring videos in your email campaigns. This will add real value to your emails, giving recipients a reason to open, view, and share your messages.

Create a Regular Webcast

How to Use Multimedia to Build Your Email Lists

Once you’ve hit on a video approach that’s connecting with a large audience, you can turn it into a regular webcast. Whether you’re posting gossipy tidbits about the latest celebrity trends each week or you’re offering an ongoing educational webcast that delves deeper into rich scientific topics on a monthly basis, you can find an audience and craft a webcast that will engage them again and again.

Put your webcast on a regular schedule. Perhaps you’ll offer a weekly news update or provide a new behind-the-scenes tour on the same day every month. An ongoing webcast encourages your viewers to come back. At the end of your video, ask them to sign up for your emails so that they’ll never miss a post. Make sure your video posts are highlighted in email messages so that subscribers see that you’re delivering on your promise and have a compelling reason to continue receiving your messages.

Condense Data into Infographics

How to Use Multimedia to Build Your Email Lists

If you have a lot of data to share, the best way to do it is with an infographic. An email, blog, or whitepaper that’s heavy on numbers and statistics is difficult to read. An infographic, on the other hand, will mold that information into a beautiful bit of imagery that is easier to digest. Smart data visualization tactics can turn a jumble of numbers into a display that makes immediate sense to the viewer.

Cut your finished infographic into bite-size pieces that show a compelling clip of the overall story. You can feature this teaser in your emails to direct readers or highlight them in a social media post encouraging viewers to sign up for your emails for the rest of the story. Either way, your infographics act as a funnel that drives readers toward your desired end goal to learn more.

With the right piece of multimedia, you can draw in new readers and give your email list fresh appeal for subscribers. Try these strategies to build your list and connect with a larger audience.