October 10, 2017

Must Know Things Before Joining Any Affiliate Program

By Sona Mathews
When it comes to making money blogging, there are so many ways, but affiliate marketing is king of all. Same time finding best affiliate program can be a headache for you. There are multiple ways to join various affiliate programs.

You can either join a popular affiliate marketplace such as CJ, ShareASale or directly go in-house affiliate program such as eAskme affiliate program, Hostgator affiliate program, etc.

The one major thing which you need to consider before joining any affiliate program is One-time payment system.

Must Know Things Before Joining Any Affiliate Program : eAskme
Must Know Things Before Joining Any Affiliate Program : eAskme
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There is no doubt that you can join affiliate programs for free, but it takes time and efforts to promote affiliate products and generate sales.

There are chances that you land in the hands of malicious affiliate programs and may not get paid for your valuable time and efforts.

Now you may ask that, what you should check before joining any affiliate program.
Don`t worry that is what I am sharing today.

Things you must know before joining any affiliate program.

1) Payment system:

You may not have faced some networks like me where I made more than $1000, but they have not paid me and after some time shut down their site and work.

I know you want to avoid such situations. The very first thing is to find out the payment method to make sure that it is acceptable in your country also.

If you find out that there is no such payout method which is available in your country, then you should contact the affiliate marketing team to ask how can they will pay you if you work for them.

I am sharing the most popular ways which can help you get paid in any country.
2)Direct Bank transfer
4) PayPal

2) Threshold payment limit or minimum payout:

Many newbie affiliate marketers give up because of the threshold payment limit.

These days most of the affiliate programs are available with a minimum threshold payment limit of $50, in some cases even less.

If the program you are working for has a threshold payment limit that means you cannot get paid until you reach that limit. Many affiliate marketers think that they will not get paid because of this payment limit.

But believe me the reputed networks with threshold payment limit always pay on time, and that is why they have huge number of affiliate marketers working for them.

But if you do not want any threshold payment limit then eAskme affiliate products are for you, as there is no limit on payment.
Remember : Must check the payout threshold of any affiliate program.

3) Reputation:

You may have seen many affiliate marketers who are making millions but many others who are not getting anything. The main reason behind is that many affiliate marketers do not check the reputation of the program before joining.

Many affiliate networks offer good commission, but they do not pay you. A reputed system knows the value of feedback or reviews. So they always care about their work and behavior where other networks do not care what people are talking about them.

It is always recommended that you should join an affiliate program from an established affiliate network or an organized website or blog.
Let me share the list of most popular affiliate programs:
    Amazon Associates
    AliExpress Affiliates
    Affiliate Window
    Alibaba Affiliates
    Commission Junction
    eBay Partner Network
    Flipkart Affiliate
    Impact Radius
    iTunes Affiliates

4) Cookie Length:

The big reason why affiliate program helps an affiliate marketer make thousands of dollars every month is the freedom. Cookie length helps you to generate the sale from the traffic you sent to the site even 20 days before.

I send traffic to affiliate product landing pages, and when someone makes purchase even after many days, I earn the commission.

Isn`t that cool.

This all happens because of cookie length.

Usually, cookie length is between 30 days to 90 days. SO it is easy to earn affiliate commission even if the customer purchases after 30 days.

What is the most important thing to check before you join any affiliate program

1) Comission on Sale
2) Reputation
3) Cookie length

This is not the end. There are many things that you can check as an affiliate marketer. But above four elements are essential to review before you decide to join an affiliate network to save yourself from being scammed.

Have you ever joined any affiliate network? Have you ever been paid or scammed? Do share your experience and questions, via comments.
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