February 28, 2019

Why You Can`t Make Money Blogging Like ProBloggers?

By Sonia
Are you a new or established blogger? Are you working for money? Are you able to make money blogging? Are you not able to make money like ProBloggers? Do you want to know the reasons why you not able to make money like proboggers?

The most popular articles are always income reports of the popular bloggers. Their reports give inspiration to readers.

When it comes to make money blogging, there is not limit on how much money you can make.

Here are the live examples for you;
  1. $200/month with micro-niche
  2. $800/day from blogging
  3. $1000 from single post
  4. $10,000 in Giveaways
  5. $12,000 from Adsense
These are the few examples that explains how much money you can make as a blogger.

Still most of the world is struggling to make money.


Why You Can`t Make Money Blogging Like ProBloggers : eAskme
Why You Can`t Make Money Blogging Like ProBloggers : eAskme
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Blogger always write technicalities and ways to make money online but one thing missing mostly that is  “Mindset and good attitude Which is  required for success in blogging”.

It`s been proved that 80% bloggers are making average money even when they have all tips and tricks on their bogs.

The problem with these bloggers s lack of passion, and wrong blogging techniques; Blogging Passion.

So lets see why you are not able to make money like a problogger.

You are too focused on making money:

You are Too Focused on Making Money: Why You Can`t Make Money Blogging Like ProBloggers: eAskme

The very main reason for not earning much money is that you are too hard to earn money.

If you have seen popular forums then you may have seen that people are talking about $100 or $1000, as everyone want to make money.

We know that money is necessary but if you keep focusing. f you focus too much on make money then it can make you lose enthusiasm.

Even everything in life is a process.

You should remember that process to achieve your goal is more important than your goal.

You should focus on building a successful blog not just money.

When you get master and your blog get successful because, then you can easily replicate this process as many times as you want and this will bring you heaps of money.

That`s why focus on process is most important.

If you do this and still get your goal then remember that your goal is not long lasting or long term.

You want to make money overnight:

Make Money overnight: Why You Can`t Make Money Blogging Like ProBloggers: eAskme

You you try to make money overnight, chances are the you get fail in the process. Blogger never dream to make money overnight, they work hard and make their blog a brand.

If you take a look on earning of professional boggers then you will find that they are earning an average between $1000 of $5,000 or above per month.

You should remember that not even singe of them achieved success in fortnight. It took years of hard work to get to their present level of income.

You are not disciplined

Why You Can`t Make Money Blogging Like ProBloggers : eAskme
Lack of discipline is another reason why you will never make money blogging. If you don`t have discipline in your life, you can`t get success in anything.

Stick to one plan.

If you keep jumping from one niche to other, then you will never get master in any of niche.

You need to decide your priorities and then start working on them.

Choose a course and focus on it. Focus is the main and most important factor of success

You are simply lazy

Laxy Bloggers: Why You Can`t Make Money Blogging Like ProBloggers: eAskme

Many bloggers dream and fantasize about becoming the next problogger but only few will lift a finger to do something.

Most bloggers are simply lazy; they would rather surf the web reading income reports than writing articles.

Rather than take the pain to write guest posts; they would prefer to hang around in forums looking for the next push button SEO technique.
Do you know if you be busy all time, that`s also actually a type of laziness.

I have seen so many blogger who spend a day and night working on blogs, but its they don`t get success  because what they do is not productive.

If you want to become a professional blogger then you need to do few tasks regularly such as writing articles, interacting with readers, publishing guest posts, networking etc.

Spending money wrongly

Why You Can`t Make Money Blogging Like ProBloggers : eAskme

This is one big issue where blogger spend money on useless things and ignore things that are important.

In forums you may have seen blogger or marketers bragging about there products, themes, softwares plugins etc.

All those tools only work for you, if you work for yourself.

Spend money wisely like a business owner. Think like a ProBlogger.

Famous saying is "You will be what you think you are". If you want to be a problogger you have to behave like a problogger.

"You become what you think you are" : Gaurav Kumar
"You become what you think you are" : eAskme

Final Words:

Take a look on these tips analyze them and find out where you are lacking to be a Problogger.

These tips will help you blog like a pro blogger.

Gain knowledge, do hard-work, make your business plan, be honest to your readers and make necessary adjustments and no one can stop you to reach the top of your career.

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