December 16, 2017

How to Use the Internet and Your Car to Make More Money

With the holiday season upon us, the sounds and sights of the festive season leave everyone with a sense of joy in their hearts. That’s unless you are broke and don’t have any spare cash to enjoy yourself this silly season. 

If you don’t have any extra money, how will you buy presents for friends and family? How will you go out for a night on the town with your partner?

How to Use the Internet and Your Car to Make More Money: eAskme
How to Use the Internet and Your Car to Make More Money: eAskme

Being broke and down on your luck during this time of year can lead to severe bouts of depression, anxiety, and fear. None of these emotions describe the idea of the holiday season, and compounded by a feeling of financial desperation.

It’s time to take charge of your earning ability and use your spare time to increase your earnings. There are many different ways to earn a side-income. However, if you have a full-time occupation and very little time to spare during the working day, how can you find the time to take on a second job?

Driving for Uber is the financial solution that you have been looking for to help you earn more. Here is a quick guide on how driving for this ride-sharing app over the holiday season can earn you extra money that you can use to enjoy your festive season.

The Top 3 Benefits of Driving for Uber

#1 Total Control and Independence

Are you tired of taking verbal abuse from your boss? Does your current work environment do little to stimulate you? Take control of your income and your life by driving for Uber. Get out of the cubicle and behind the wheel of your car. You decide what hours you want to work and if you feel like taking a day off, there will be no-one to reprimand you.

For you: Time freedom

Driving for Uber gives you a level of flexibility that you cannot find with any other occupation. If you can only work after hours due to your day job, no problem. Uber drivers choose when and where they want to work, be your boss and create the lifestyle you deserve by driving for Uber.

#2 Earn Extra Income

We all want that extra income for the holiday season and Uber is the perfect opportunity to allow you to earn more this silly season. The festive season is a high-traffic time of year; Uber charges premium pricing on their ride-service during peak periods such as holidays, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing day, and over the new year’s festivities.

For you: Money Freedom

You can take advantage of this premium pricing surge and earn more than you expect by driving when others don’t want to.

#3 Meet New People and Create New Opportunities

You never know who will step into your car for an Uber lift. There are millions of people using the ride-sharing app every day. There is a chance that you may pick up someone that is impressed with your service and offers you a new job. Stay focused and friendly with all of your passengers, and you may be blessed with the opportunity of a lifetime.

Top 3 Tips for Driving for Uber

#1 Add Value to Your Service

As an Uber driver, you need to do something to separate yourself from the rest of the drivers. The best way to do this is by increasing your Uber service rating. Every client you collect will leave you a rating based on their experience. This rating will determine the success of your Uber business as people are inclined to choose lifts with drivers that have a high score.

Add value to your Uber service by keeping a power-bank in your car. Offer it to your client so that they can charge their device when they enter the vehicle. Keep a cooler in your car with cold bottles of water for your clients. Your passenger will be shocked when you offer them added benefits to their trip.

#2 Presentation is Everything

Dress to impress; your client will conclude their impression of you within three seconds of spotting you. If you are dressed well and smell fresh, then you can expect your client to view you as a professional and treat you like one.

#3 Don’t Accept Tips

Do you tip Uber drivers? This is a common question asked by passengers. Never accept a tip from a passenger. Doing so will violate Ubers terms of service and will possibly get your account suspended. Instead of asking for a gratuity, ask for a five-star review. Most passengers will gladly comply with your request, but you have to remember to ask!

In Closing

Driving for Uber this holiday season just makes good sense if you want to boost the numbers in your bank account. Call your local Uber office today and get started, you could be behind the wheel and earn your first fare before the end of the day!

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