August 24, 2018

The Importance of Fulfilling Work

Often, our society treats work like a chore that must be done. Few people have the passion for the work that some do and many are content to put in low efforts to continue to get paid. The lack of fulfillment at work can be very draining for the mind and body, and if you do not have a worthwhile endeavor you’re earning a living for, you may find it hard to grow.

The Importance of Fulfilling Work: eAskme
The Importance of Fulfilling Work: eAskme

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How do you make sure your job pursuit falls under where you want it? What should you be on the lookout for career wise that signals a good fit?


You may find the perfect job for you and everything lines up, from responsibilities to hours, but if you find out that your boss and co-workers have different values than you do, it may be hard to reconcile working with them. You may be a very level headed person and have a tendency to be generous, but your co-workers may be quick to anger and revel in bleeding customers for as much money as they can.

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If you do not share the same values as your coworkers you may find it hard to go to work and put in the necessary effort to do what must be done. A boss who doesn’t have the humanity you identify with could potential ruin the enjoyment you have for your preferred industry.

This also goes for the company itself. The mission statement is an important piece of literature to read, and how closely the business adheres to it will speak volumes about its values.


No one wants to work where there’s no enjoyment in the air or where other people are miserable all day. You can check out how the employer treats people by looking at places like Glassdoor and Monster to see if there are any recurring negative reviews or if the complaints are simply one-offs.

“Working around people who share your passion and who are striving to actualize their own goals leads to some of the best creativity and productivity you’ll ever experience,” said Farid Yaghboutil, founder the California Labor Law Employment Attorneys Group.

Farid is right – surrounded by like +minded people who put in the same work and who enjoy the +atmosphere will do wonders for your own progress.


One of the most important statements I’ve heard regarding the perfect job that gives you fulfillment involves your desire to be there. Waking up for work without an alarm is a sign that you look forward to going to your job and doing what you love, and it’s not seen as a burden. Even though it’s a metaphor, it promotes the feeling you should have when searching for a career based on passion.

Often, the alternative is to hit the snooze button a few times, contemplate taking the day off, sluggishly going about the morning routine, sitting in traffic with other people who are echoing the same feelings as you, and counting down the hours once you arrive. Truly fulfilling work does not involve those tasks.

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