December 14, 2018

Check Airtel Balance with USSD Codes – Check Airtel balance online

By Sona Mathews
Airtel is the most popular telecom service in India. Millions of Airtel subscribers are calling customer care day and nights to check Airtel balance. Airtel allows users to check Airtel balance online using USSD codes yet most of the people are not aware of how to do it. Keep in mind that I have decided to share all the Airtel USSD codes to check airtel prepaid balance. It is super easy to access Airtel prepaid balance check and Airtel primary stability check using USSD codes.

I have already shared how you can check Airtel 4g data balance using USSD codes.

Today, I am sharing how you can check Airtel prepaid.

Airtel is India's leading the mobile network to make calls, internet, and SMS. It also offers Broadband services and DTH services.

USSD codes to Check Airtel Balance – Check Airtel balance online: eAskme
USSD codes to Check Airtel Balance – Check Airtel balance online: eAskme

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Checking Airtel balance using USSD codes is super easy. You need not to call customer care. USSD codes for Airtel balance check help you to save a lot of time and efforts. You can use USSD codes to check not only Airtel prepaid balance but also Airtel net balance and offers.

Airtel USSD codes are there for Airtel balance check online, Airtel net balance check, Airtel offers check and Airtel data balance check. There are so many Airtel USSD codes 2019 are available to check everything online. Now let’s review the Airtel USSD codes 2019 for you.

Let’s check all the essential Airtel balance check USSD codes.

How to Check Airtel balance enquiry:

There are multiple ways to check Airtel balance. Airtel balance check USSD codes 2019 are updated for you. In 2019, you can use Airtel USSD codes to check main balance in airtel.

How to check Airtel Balance enquiry:

  • Dail *123# to Check Airtel main balance
  • Dail *123*10# to check Airtel Next balance
  • Dail *121# To check available offers and balance
  • Dail *141# to check the main balance and take the loan.

How to Check Airtel Internet Balance:

  • Dail *121# to check recharge offers
  • Dail *123*9# to check 2g Internet balance

Special Airtel USSD dial codes

  • Dail 121 for customer care
  • Dail 123 for recharge
  • Dail 198 for complaints
  • Dail 1909 for do not disturb service
  • Dail *121# to check offers on Airtel

Final Words:

Now you know how to check Airtel 2g balance using Airtel USSD odes in 2019 or how to check main balance in Airtel and How to check Airtel balance check online.

If you are an Airtel Broadband user, then you can use Airtel Smartbytes to check data balance.

Do you have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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