February 01, 2019

2 Most Successful Niche to Start a Blog

Two Niches Insufficiently Covered Online What are the most successful niches online today? If your answers were "money, health, love", you are probably right.

These three are often called the 'holy trinity' of online publishing, topics that will always be of interest to a large mass of potential readers.

2 Most Successful Niche to Start a Blog: eAskme
2 Most Successful Niche to Start a Blog: eAskme

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"Money" covers everything from making money online to building a more efficient online marketing campaign and building a webshop.

Everything between food, fitness, mental health, and supplements fit under the large umbrella of "Health", and "Love" can cover everything from dating advice to self-improvement.

Between these three, there are still many smaller niches that can be covered with a decent success.

But there are two niches that, unfortunately, don't get the attention they need, despite playing an important role in our everyday lives - and the future.


Streaming: 2 Most Successful Niche to Start a Blog: eAskme

Over the years, Netflix has become a true game-changer in the streaming industry. From a DVD rental company, it has successfully transitioned to a streaming media provider, went global, and has become one of the most generous (and pretty prolific) content creator in the digital age (just look at its $8 billion budget set aside for original content creation this year).

In the last couple of years, Netflix has found several "followers", companies that see streaming as the future of television and have launched (or plan to launch) their own takes on the business.

Unfortunately, steaming content is still pretty much only covered by the "traditional" publications that cover television and movies.

Streaming has a business model that is completely different from "traditional" media. It's not about ratings (in the case of series) and box office performance (in the case of the movies) but about the number of subscribers.

When you watch a Netflix series, you don't simply tune in and bear with the occasional ad breaks - you pay for a whole package and that's what you get.

This different approach to media makes streaming a completely different business altogether that would require a more detailed and dedicated approach - and it's covered by a surprisingly low number of online publications.

Science-based medicine

Science: 2 Most Successful Niche to Start a Blog: eAskme

An ever-increasing number of people have chosen to turn away from science-based medicine lately, choosing to believe in false claims and quackery instead.

This is, in part, the fault of the media (both online and IRL), or rather its failure to translate the medical slang into a language that's easy to understand.

And while there are a few online publications meant to clear a few things up and to bust a lot of myths, there are too few of them to actually make a difference. And this should change.

Lost between all the fake news and wild health claims, people have very few sources to turn to for accurate and understandable information.

The "health" niche above is also plagued by wild claims, irrelevant studies, and the constant influx of advertising funds from companies promoting products with unproven health benefits (if any).

A better coverage could educate people to be less credulous, clear up a few confusions and misconceptions, and perhaps lead to better understanding of health as a whole

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