June 18, 2019

How to Make Money with Free Movie Streaming Website

The very first thing to start making money with free movie streaming website is that you must begin to a free movie streaming site. If you do not know what a movie streaming site is then you can check my list of free movie streaming websites.

Sites like 123movies, Fmovies alternatives, and sites similar to GoMovies123 are some of the best examples of free movie streaming websites.

A free movie streaming site is where user can watch movies and tv shows online without paying anything.

How to Make Money with Free Movie Streaming Website: eAskme
How to Make Money with Free Movie Streaming Website: eAskme

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Sometimes users can also download the film from free movie streaming websites.

Most of the movies streaming sites are not hosting the video content on their server.

The big reason is that they do not own the streaming rights.

There are sites which are streaming content without streaming rights, and that is why blocked in many countries.

So if you want to enter into movie streaming business and do not want to get your website blacklisted, then you should get the streaming rights of each movie or give third party links to your visitors to watch movies or tv shows online.

Millions of people every day are looking for best and authentic movie streaming sites where they can watch movies online without paying anything.

This is the reason why more and more people are launching movie streaming sites to make money.

Before you plan to make money with a free movie streaming website, there are few things that you must know.

Streaming the content without License or distributions rights is illegal.

You can direct the users on the third party links where they can watch movies online for free.

How to make money with Free Movie streaming website

To start a movie streaming site like Rainierland, you need to manage a few things such as;

When you have these things with you the nest thing is to decide;

  • If you want to stream movies with signup or without signup
  • If you're going to allow, your viewers to download movies or not.
Then use any free movie streaming script and install it on your website or hire a developer to design the free movie streaming website for you.

Once the website is ready, the next thing is to monetize your website.

This is the big question!

How to monetize your free movie streaming site to make money online?

Here is the answer….

The best way to make money with free movie streaming site is monetizing it with popup or banner ads.

If you check popular movie streaming sites, then you will find out that they are using ads from various ad networks to monetize their movie streaming sites.

You cannot place Adsense on a free movie streaming site.

That means you need to look for other ad options such as;

  • Popup Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Direct ads
There are many ad networks available which allow you to monetize a movie streaming site, such as;

By far, popads.net is the widely used ad network on the entire popular movie streaming websites.

The best thing about popads.net is that it never judges your website or its content.

To monetize your website, you need to go to popads.net and signup.

Then add your website for approval. Once approved ad their code on your website and start making money by showing popup ads to your visitors.

You will get paid every time your earnings reach $5 via PayPal.

There are many other ad networks also available that you can check to monetize your website.

You can also use CPA ads and content lockers to monetize your free movie streaming websites.

How much money can you make from Movie streaming sites?

The earning from a movie streaming site depends upon the monetizing method, network, and the amount of traffic.

The more people visit your website, the more money you can make.

For this, you need to make sure that you do not populate your website with too many ads and also offer all the latest movies and free tv shows online.

You should also add free anime series to attract more visitors and make more money.

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