July 04, 2021

A Guide to Understanding How Online Slots Work

A slot machine may not have the most complex game mechanics, but the technological elements of online slots should not be overlooked. While the basic concept of  "choose your stake, spin the reels" still applies to all slot machines, there are subtle variations between the games that need to be taken into consideration.

The sustained growth of online casinos has revolutionized the gaming industry, and particularly so, the genre of slots.

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Solitary machines located in local establishments have been replaced by literally thousands of online slot games, available to players with an internet connection at the click of a button.

The online casino industry is fiercely competitive, so sites often offer welcome bonuses and free spins to attract new players.

You can find how online casinos look to use bonuses to stand out from the competition and bring players to their site.

Once the players have signed up, casinos look to curate the most diverse and innovative slot selections to keep gamers consistently satisfied.

Casinos celebrate the arrival of games that add unique tweaks to the classic slot gameplay, whether through technological or technical developments.

Here are a few tips to help you negotiate the technological side to the vast world of online slots.
They work like physical slot machines

A physical slot machine generates a certain amount of trust from players, as you can see the money coming in and out.

However, online slot machines work in exactly the same way as their more tangible counterparts. Each spin is completely independent of the last.

There is no technological wizardry ensuring that a player on a winning streak is stopped in their tracks, nor is there an algorithm deeming that a gamer is "due a win".

The probability of winning on a spin remains the same each time, so that should be considered when devising a staking plan. This is confirmed by rigorous tests by third parties.

Check the tech has been verified

Make sure that you are accessing games through a verified casino to be certain that the slot is reliable.

Check for the symbols of trusted organizations somewhere on the website, such as the eCOGRA or the Gaming Laboratories International logo.

These external bodies test the random number generators the casino uses to power its slots, ensuring that the odds of victory remain consistent throughout for all players.

In other words, they make sure all games are provably fair for all players, and they award certificates so that players are informed about this.

Look at the RTP

RTP stands for "return to player", with the RTP percentage representing the proportion of an online slot’s takings that will be redistributed as winnings.

The rest is kept by the casino as profit. Just as physical casinos had a house edge, so do online casinos.

However, many slots come with extremely high RTP percentages. Some slots go as high as 98% RTP, which means that just 2% of the money staked on the game will be kept by the operator.

Try a video slot

If you’re looking for something that balances relatively simple gameplay with the feel of a console game, video slots could be for you.

There are still virtual equivalents of the classic 3-reel slots, which work like the one-armed bandits of old.

However, video slots add a new dimension to the action.

These slots often have rich graphics, characters that unlock bonus rounds, and multipliers that increase payouts.

While they are still underpinned by a random number generator, their extra features can generate a greater thrill for each spin.

Most online casinos attach a game description for each slot, covering its RTP, its payout combinations and its bonus features.

Taking the time to research an online slot can help you find the game that is most suited to your tastes.

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