July 04, 2021

How to Find People to Follow on Snapchat

Do you want to follow interesting people on Snapchat? If yes, then you should learn the ways to find awesome friends on Snapchat.

It is not easy to make friends for a newbie on Snapchat.

You may feel it hard to find new people to be friends with, especially when you are new on Snapchat.

Snapchat is quite different than Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

How to Find People to Follow on Snapchat: eAskme
How to Find People to Follow on Snapchat: eAskme

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So how can you find people on Snapchat to follow and make friends?

Here, I am sharing some simple ways to help you make friends on Snapchat by following them.

Understand Snapchat:

Understand Snapchat!

Every day people post more than 5 million snaps on snapchat. In addition, 75% of people from the 13-34 age group use Snapchat in the USA.

According to Statista, Snapchat became the most popular social media platform in 2021. As a result, advertisers are moving to Snapchat to target more audiences.

People are falling in love with Snapchat.

This stats shows that you also have more opportunities to make friends on Snapchat.

It is not hard to make friends on Snapchat:

It is easy to make friends on Snapchat.

There are more than one ways that you should use to connect with people on Snapchat and make friends.

You may find many old friends using Snapchat, and it is easy to connect with them. Not only that, but you can also follow social media influencers and celebrities on Snapchat.

Follow these 5 Steps to find Spanchat Users to Follow:

Are you ready to make friends list on Snapchat?

If yes, then follow these steps.

Use Snapcodes to add friends:

Snapcodes work as QR codes. Scan the code to add new friends.

Here is what you can do:

Scan Snapcode with Phone:

Go to a Snapchat user’s profile icon and tap on snapcode.

Now scan that snapcode with your phone camera.

Tap on the popup to add a new friend.

Share Snapcode:

Tap the profile icon of your friend’s profile. Then, get Snapcode and choose “Share URL” to share snapcode via Whatsapp, Gmail, Snapchat, etc.

Tap on that url to connect with your friend.

Search Snapcodes Online:

You can also find snapcodes of celebrities or social media influencers online.

Setup Your Snapcode and promote it:

Share your snapcode with your friends, social media networks, or your blog will help you get more friends.

To do this, first, update your profile. Next, optimize your snapchat profile with a username, image, and information.

Now share your Snapcode on your social media profiles.

Use Quick Add and Snap Stars features:

Use the QuickAdd feature of Snapchat to get friend suggestions. Use Snap Stars to find popular Snapchats around you.

How to Find Friends using Quick Add?

Go to “Quick Add” and tap on the “Add” button to add new friends.

How to Find Friends using Snap Stars?

Go to “Popular Snap Stars” and top on the “Subscribe” button.

Search by Phone Number:

Search friends via phone numbers from your contact list.

Just type the number and search to find if your friend is on Snapchat.

Search your Friend by Name:

Type the name of your friend and search.

Celebrities also use Snapchat:

You can find a lot of celebrities with their Snapcodes.

You can subscribe to their accounts. You never know if some of them may add you as their friend.

Can Snapchat Help Your Business?

More and More businesses are joining Snapchat to improve brand presence on social media.

Snapchat is the best place to target a younger audience.


In the beginning, you may find it difficult to use snapchat or make friends.

But with time, you will understand the platform and have more friends than you could imagine.

So, go to Snapchat, follow these tips, and make some new friends.

If you still have questions? Share via comments.

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