January 09, 2020

Twitter Promoted Trends Spotlight

By Sona Mathews
Twitter has announced the launch of the new ad product, “Twitter Promoted trends Spotlight.” It is a promoted ad display tab that will display at the top left side of the explorer tab.

Till now, you were watching trending topics in the Explore tab. It is one of the most-visited parts of the Twitter feed.

Twitter Promoted Trends Spotlight Goes Global: eAskme
Twitter Promoted Trends Spotlight Goes Global: eAskme

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If you are using Twitter for a long time and then you may have seen Promoted Trend Spotlight when Disney+ launched. The ad unit leveraged to spread awareness for this streaming service.

Twitter is making Twitter promoted trend spotlight available in the 12 countries such as; UK, USA, Japan, Thailand, Spain, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Indonesia, India, Germany, France, Canada, Brazil, and Australia.

How Twitter Promoted Trends Spotlight:

Twitter Promoted Trend Spotlight allows users to display Gifs and videos ads on desktop and mobile devices.

The ad will display at the top right side of the Explore tab. Every new person can watch the ad two times every day.

After the two views, the ad will move to the standard promoted trend placement.

According to the eye-tracking study, people spend 26% more time watching Promoted Trend spotlight as compared to Promoted trend unit.

People tend to click Spotlight ad unit 3 times more than Standard spotlight unit.

Key features of Twitter Promoted Trends Spotlight:

Grab Attention:

Promoted trend spotlight quickly grab the attention of the user with its full width and immersive placement.

Different from other content:

The Twitter Promoted trends display at the top right corner of the Explorer tab. It is the place where ad looks different than other placements.


Once again, the placement of Twitter Promoted Trends helps you generate more engagement and discussion.

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