January 09, 2020

What Should not be Missing from the Packing List for Your City Trip

You can't get enough of a city trip. Take a few days off to enjoy the best restaurants, visit museums and explore the nightlife. There are as many trips as there are cities! From New York and Tokyo to Rome and Paris: in each city you can taste a different atmosphere and see different sights. After reading this article, you can get more tourism-related information information.

But many cities are also worth visiting several times. A city trip is ideal to view that special exhibition or to discover that new trendy neighborhood.

What Should not be Missing from the Packing List for Your City Trip: eAskme
What Should not be Missing from the Packing List for Your City Trip: eAskme

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There is plenty of choice and if you don't know for a moment: a last minute city trip can always be found.

Of course you need less baggage for a city trip than for a longer holiday or a world trip. You need a shorter version of your packing list.

Try not to take too much. Hand luggage is enough for a 3-day city trip.

The more often you go on a city trip, the more you will leave at home.

Nevertheless, a number of things are indispensable for a city trip. Here we list what should certainly not be missing on the packing list!

Good hiking shoes

A city trip equals a lot of walking. Because that is also the purpose of such a trip: doing and seeing as much as possible in the shortest possible time.

Even if you use public transportation and taxis, you will walk a lot. Good hiking shoes are crucial and must come first on your packing list.

Choose walking shoes with which you can overcome pebbles, crooked sidewalk tiles, stairs and thresholds. Limit the use of your flip flops to your hotel room.

Put on your hiking boots on the plane, that saves luggage.


You use your smartphone much more often during a city trip than during a holiday in the sun. You use your cell phone to find your route on Google Maps, to find nice shops and cafes, to check opening times and to order tickets online.

The battery of your smartphone drains very quickly, so a power bank deserves a prominent mention on the packing list.

This way you can easily charge your mobile phone on a terrace or in the queue in front of the museum, without having to be close to a power outlet.

Two sets of clothes

It is always a difficult question: how much clothing should you bring? For a 3-day city break in spring or summer, two sets of clothing are actually enough. A sporty and comfortable set for the day, if you walk a lot.

And also a hipper, more fashionable or cleaner set for the evening, for visiting the better restaurants and clubs.

Some city trippers also put a spare set of clothes on their packing list.

So you still have clean pants if you accidentally fall in the Seine or sit on a painted bench.

We ourselves find this extra ballast a bit exaggerated.

One extra T-shirt or skirt is enough.


You don't expect it on a city trip, but in the big city you burn faster than you think. You walk outside most of the day and unnoticed that happens a lot in the sun.

Even in a city with lots of shade and high skyscrapers, such as New York, your face catches a lot of sun rays.

Sunscreen should therefore be on your packing list, so that you don't ask yourself in front of the mirror where that redhead is coming from in the evening.

In addition, your lips can use some sun protection, so put a good lip balm in your luggage.

Water bottle

Those who often go on a city trip have a water bottle in their equipment as standard.

Where you walk to the water cooler all day in the office, you will have to find refuge in the city for terraces, cafés and coffee shops.

That's absolutely nice, but at thirsty moments you just want to be able to grab water.

Certainly in hilly cities such as Rome and Lisbon (both with seven hills) walking takes a little more effort and sweat, and then it is wonderful if you have water on hand to quench your thirst.

Choose a durable and sturdy water bottle that you can fill with tap water on the way. In Western cities it is great to drink.

Got the points? We hope this article can be useful.

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