February 05, 2020

Prominent Signs That Your Device Needs An Anti-Malware Software

Owing to our excessive use of mobile phones, new, improved malware is being developed, refined, and distributed daily. These new malware methods are so technologically advanced that they leave minimal possibility for us to determine if our phones are affected.

Prominent Signs That Your Device Needs An Anti-Malware Software: eAskme
Prominent Signs That Your Device Needs An Anti-Malware Software: eAskme

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However, there are certain tell-tale signs.

It's important to stay aware and look for these signs as these will tell the user whether or not to look into the best free anti-malware for the protection of their devices.

Reduction of speed

There are certain types of malware that only attack the computing power of the system.

Most modern smartphones and tablets have advanced processing powers and storage units.

Just a few years back, we would call these supercomputers.

But if you are not a gamer or multi-tasker, you perhaps do not require all this power at once.

However, if you suddenly notice that the apps on your phone are taking a long time to load or the webpages are pausing before responding to clicks, then it might be a malware attack.

Though there can be other reasons for such issues, it is still better to get it checked.

The temperature of the device

If you have noticed, when you use your phone for long, it generates a certain amount of heat.

However, if the phone is idle for long, it does not get warm.

This heat is generated by both the processors and the power utilized by the active antennae.

However, if your phone is getting warm even during idle hours, it can be assumed that computations and communications are occurring beyond the required time, which is suggestive of a malware attack.

Draining battery life

If a malware attack is in progress in your phone, then it will show its signs in the degrading battery life of your phone.

However, even in this case, users often assume that the reduction of battery life is owing to the continuous use of the phone, reducing the battery’s efficiency over time.

Mysterious calls and texts

Have you recently come across any strange calls or texts that have been made out of your phone, which you were clueless about?

If you live alone or if no one has access to your phone and you still have such unexplained calls and texts being made, then your device might be under threat for a malware attack.

Most malware and viruses are programmed to make calls and send texts from an infected device.

A high rate of data consumption

The malware or virus in your phone works as per command shot out by the hacker placed in a remote location.

For this purpose, they require an effective and active internet connection.

Thus, if you have malware in your device, then your data usage is likely to shoot up for reasons unknown to you.

If you do notice these signs, then do not hold back.

Get your phone checked immediately and install an effective antivirus that will protect your phone in the long run.

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