February 05, 2020

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Watches at Every Event

By Sona Mathews
Whether it's a gala ball or a soccer match with friends, there are always the right accessories to use! Are you one of those who usually only has two models of watches at home: formal and sporty? In fact, the watch choices are more than just two.

You have at least 4 kinds of choices that can represent your daily activities.

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Watches at Every Event: eAskme
4 Tips for Choosing the Right Watches at Every Event: eAskme

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If so, know that it is often best to leave anything on your wrist instead of taking your accessory anywhere.

Like a piece of clothing, watches are made to go to certain places.

So this is the time to increase your model choices.

Because watches are not mandatory items in appearance, you can have the right to buy each one for a long period of time while avoiding spending too much.

There are four important watch models, which can vary greatly.

Just like glasses, your watch must suit you.

1. Where formalism speaks louder

For events where not everyone wears a black tie, gala ball and Casino Royale style poker wheels, the ideal is to wear a stylish yet discreet watch - and a metal bracelet.

It should be small in diameter and the same color as the cufflink. If the cuffs have stones, they must match the face of the watch.

Don't draw too much attention. You will work and will not sing on the stage! A Hamilton  might be a good option.

2. At the time of relaxation

Time to rest, not work, informal clothes and you even dare with a striking print T-shirt.

l and thicker metal bracelet.

This is the time when you can use models that refer to car brands, for example.

There are a number of watches made by car manufacturers and they are relatively more expensive than most watches.

If you are a prestige enthusiast, using a Ferrari watch while relaxing is for you.

3. For weekdays

You are at the conference table and you want to make a good impression.

Choose a watch with a leather strap, case and crown that is bigger, either from steel or golden yellow.

Never use a stone studded watch.

Too boring if you are not an eccentric artist.

Another lesson is never to let it loose so it flows on your arms. Conventional square models are preferred. The good news is that you can have more choices for that.

4. For sports

It changes everything.

Now the bracelet is rubber and the watch is digital. Preferably, black and without a lot of volume in the box. After all, this is not a shield.

There is always a chance your sports watch is scratched or even "broken", but by investing your funds in strong products such as the Tag Heuer Carrera or Rolex Daytona, you don’t need to worry.

Hopefully the points above can guide you to find the right watch for every occasion.
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