February 05, 2020

5 Best Ways to Use LinkedIn to Skyrocket Your Business

By Sona Mathews
LinkedIn is a well known, professional social network. It is the place where you can find opportunities to market your skills and build connections with influencers, marketers and business leaders.

5 Best Ways to Use LinkedIn to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme
5 Best Ways to Use LinkedIn to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme

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If you have some social media strategy for your business, then LinkedIn must be part of it.

Here I am sharing 5 of the best ways how you can use LinkedIn for the growth of your business.

LinkedIn for Networking:

LinkedIn for Networking: eAskme

Without any doubt, LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool.

To attract maximum networking opportunities on LinkedIn, you should follow three steps:
  • Connect with others

  • Create a Professional LinkedIn profile

  • Engage with others

Connect with Others:

Don’t just limit yourself when connecting with others on LinkedIn. You can connect with anyone and use these opportunities to connect with influencers and brands in your industry.

For example: If you follow eAskme.com then you should also connect with us on Linkedin.

If you want to work for a company, then start connecting with the people working in that company.

Also, accept connection requests of others.

Keep connecting with others, and you will open the doors of networking opportunities on LinkedIn.

Build a Business Page and Star rated Profile:

LinkedIn is not just about connection.

You need to invest time on creating a professional profile or business page on LinkedIn.

You Should:

  • Write an introduction professionally. Do not use jargons or misspelt words.

  • Upload professional profile pic and logo on your profile and page.

  • Use a clear header photo.

  • Fill all the fields.

  • Add infographics, articles, videos, etc., on your LinkedIn profile.
Create a LinkedIn profile that makes it easy for visitors to understand what you do and who you are.

Engage with Others:

You cannot grow your network without interacting with others.
  • Share your content and also comment and like other posts. Also, reply to the people who comment on your content.

  • Post questions and start discussions.

  • Ask for recommendations and give recommendations.
Join relevant LinkedIn groups according to your business.

Publish Content on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is a perfect platform for content publishers.

On LinkedIn, you can publish content, earn linkbacks and use it as a content publishing platform.

Start posting content for the LinkedIn audience.

Content publishing makes LinkedIn the best social network for professionals.

You may ask that why should publish content on LinkedIn?

The answer is simple.

When you publish articles on LinkedIn, It will help you boost social engagement, brand awareness and traffic to your website.

Whenever you publish content on LinkedIn, all your connections will get the notifications.

Remember: More than 45% of LinkedIn article readers are CEOs, directors, VPs and managers.

You can also use LinkedIn analytics to check the performance of your published articles.

Use LinkedIn for Online Reputation Management

5 Best Ways to Use LinkedIn to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme

Online reputation management is essential for brands and businesses. This helps them to beat the competition and claim their place on the first page of Google with their brand name.

There is no doubt that you want to rank your content on first place in Google search, but, it is also a good idea to claim all your social network profiles even if you are rarely using them.

The big reason is that social media profiles, such as LinkedIn rank on the first page of Google.

By claiming a LinkedIn Business page, you will get a chance to rank on considerable position.

This practice also works when you outrank the pages that bring a lousy name.

Boost Conversions and Revenue:

Boost conversions and revenue: eAskme

No matter your business is B2C or B2B, as long as you are running a business online, LinkedIn can help you to boost the conversion rate and revenue.

Notable Points:

  • 44% of LinkedIn users are earning more than $75,000 annually. LinkedIn is the best place to find people with buying power. You can efficiently find targeted customers from LinkedIn users.

  • More than 61% of LinkedIn users are influencing their niche or industry. This will make LinkedIn the best place to build connections with influencers.
You can do it organically, or you can advertise on LinkedIn.

Find Skilled Professionals:

Find Skilled Professionals on LinkedIn to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme

A LinkedIn premium subscription makes it easy for you to find skilled professionals.

Their Recruiter plan offers you:

  • Post Jobs

  • Send Direct messages

  • Use Advanced Search

  • Sort candidates

  • Track roles and candidates.
This will help you to replace your HR department with the LinkedIn plan.

Final Words:

LinkedIn is there to help your business grow in every possible way.

You can use LinkedIn to:

No matter how busy you are on Facebook or Twitter or any other network, you cannot ignore the importance of LinkedIn.

It is the right time when you should start investing your time and money on LinkedIn.

Create a LinkedIn business page, and you are ready for the next step.

With some efforts and experience, you can find your target audience or customers on LinkedIn.

The key is to spend more time on LinkedIn to experience how it can help you grow your business.

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