February 08, 2023

Social Meeting for Bloggers and Brand Experts (What, How & Benefits)

Some people think that social gathering and social meeting both are the same things. But Gaurav Kumar, Founder of eAskme, has created a difference between these two terms.

According to Gaurav Kumar, “Social Gathering is when people gather without a specific focus. People sometimes gather just because other people are gathering there. The social meeting is a meet with focus. In a social meeting, only the people who have something to say or discuss are allowed to take part.”

This tells that social meeting is more professional than a social gathering.

In the professional world, Social meeting is more influential.

But most of the world is ignoring it.

Even when professionals are running Facebook campaigns to gather people for webinars, they do not focus on targeting the specific set of audience.

You cannot expect from the herd of 1000 people to turn your business into a brand.

But, you can expect two experts to multiply the growth of your business.

This thought has helped Gaurav to develop the concept of “Social meeting” for bloggers and brands.

What is Social Meeting?

The social meeting is where you meet with professionals and like-minded people for mutual growth.

This is also a way to growth hacking.

When you meet with industry experts or influencers in your industry, this will help you to not only expand your network but also expand your mind, skills, and knowledge.

In a social meeting, you invite professionals and industry experts to join the social meet and share knowledge.

Types of Social Meeting:

According to Gaurav, there are two significant forms or types of Social meeting for bloggers and brands, such as;
  1. Public Social Meeting
  2. Secret Social Meeting
One thing that is common about both social meeting types is that these are invitation based. Noone is allowed without invitation.

The difference between Public social meeting and the secret social meeting is that in Public social meeting, people can see the messages of other participants and also know who else is participating in the conference.

But, in a secret social meeting, attendees only know about the host.

They can send messages to the host, but they do not have access to other participants.

For example; if you are running a Facebook live only for people you have invited then you know it is a public social meeting as people can send messages to each other, reply on the comment of each other and check what others are saying.

But if you’re social meeting is secret, and you only allow people to chat with you like on Skype, then no one can see what others are saying.

How to arrange a social meeting?

The beauty of the social meeting is that you need not be in front of the person to arrange a social meeting.

You can arrange social meetings online on;
You can also make professionals visit your place for the expert social meet.

If you want to arrange a social meet, then you need to outreach the experts and ask them to join your social meetup.

Draft an email with the specific topic and send the emails to all the industry experts or experts in your network to get their approval.

Fix the time and go live on schedule.

If you are arranging a social meeting offline, then I advise you to do it in a restaurant or at a professional space.

Make sure that the place is comfortable for all.

What are the benefits of Social meeting for bloggers and brands?

What are the benefits of Social meeting for bloggers and brands?: eAskme

The social meeting offers similar benefits to all bloggers and brands.

Connect with like Minded and influencers:

The social meeting is the best way to connect with the like-minded people or influencers in your industry.

In a social meeting you will discuss the topic with influencers and try to find the best way or discover new options to increase the growth rate.

In a social meeting you can connect with;
  • Experts

  • Critics

  • Researchers

  • Reporters

  • Designers

  • Developers

  • Motivational Speakers
These types of experts will multiply the benefits of a social meeting.

Mutual opportunities:

Social Meeting Concept for Bloggers and Brand Experts (What, How & Benefits): eAskme

The social meeting is the best way to find opportunities to develop a mutually beneficial relationship.

Remember: never go for link exchange but focus on value exchange.

In a social meeting, you will have people from your niche or related niche.

These are the people who are already doing great in their field, or their blogs are ranking better.

Tip: You cannot expect something from influencers without adding value to their business.

So it is necessary that you should start giving importance to the industry experts.

You can add value to the influencer business by;
Master tips: Spend atleast six months engaging with bloggers or experts on blogs and social media channels so they can remember your name and know that you are following them on every place and appreciating their work.

Once you place your name in their mind as a genuine person, then ask them to join your social meeting, and they will never say no.

This will also open the doors for new opportunities such as;

Learn from Experts:

Learn from experts: Social Meeting Concept for Bloggers and Brand Experts (What, How & Benefits): eAskme
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"Take the success with you, walk with the successful people: Gaurav Kumar."

This is a simple line which tells the success to follow those who follow the successful people.

There are two significant ways how you can learn from experts, such as;
  • Ask them
  • Follow them
Both work together, but it is not possible to get a quick answer as most of the experts are very busy.

So it is always wise to follow the experts and industry leaders.

Learn from what they do and how they do.

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Final Words/Conclusion:

Expert bloggers like Gaurav have been dominating social meeting from a long time. But Gaurav is the first one who gave this concept a functional name “Social Meeting.”

The social meeting is the dominant way to boost the overall performance of your business, brand, and blog.
  • Are you interested in a social meeting?

  • Have you ever attended a social meeting?
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