March 11, 2020

Preparing for a Career Change? Here Are 5 Things to Keep in Mind

Previous generations were often happy to work at the same company, doing the same job for most of their adult lives. Millennials are different - almost a quarter of the respondents to a survey conducted by Gallup are willing and eager to change their workplace or have done so in the last year.

Preparing for a Career Change? Here Are 5 Things to Keep in Mind: eAskme
Preparing for a Career Change? Here Are 5 Things to Keep in Mind: eAskme

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It’s only natural for people to crave diversity when it comes to working - after all, it takes up a third of our weekdays for decades.

Who knows, your next career change can be like those of these celebrities who have switched jobs and rose to stardom.

But there are a few things to keep in mind before you jump in.

Experiment first

Before you dive into a serious change in your career, make sure to experiment with your chosen area before trying to turn it into your full-time job.

Perhaps the perfect way to do so is by starting a side hustle first - and if it works out for you, you can switch to it as your full-time activity.

Be conscious of what you have to offer

You may have dreams or desires about your ideal job (or business) but this doesn’t mean it will be able to pay your bills.

To be able to successfully switch jobs toward a more desirable position, you need to make sure you have what it takes.

The simplest way to do this is to simply make a list. There are many sources online that can tell you what abilities and traits are needed for one job or another.

Write these down, and check off all of your skills and knowledge that matches them.

And if you don’t have the relevant skill-set or knowledge for one job or another, you can always learn - there is an endless supply of online courses, some of them even free, that will give you the knowledge you need.

“Perfect” is not always an option

Some people think that there is a “perfect” job out there waiting for them - this is seldom true.

The contrary, in turn, might - the same combination of skills, passion, and knowledge may make you perfect for more than one job, and science says, you’ll most likely get the same job satisfaction from any of them.

What you should be looking for is not necessarily the position of a “CEO at a tech startup” but a job that requires similar drive, creativity, and attention to detail.

The same traits can be cultivated in several different lines of work - and you will likely feel just as great about doing it.

Baby steps

If you want to train to run a marathon, you don’t start by running 42.2 kilometers. Not even 4 - you start by jogging in the morning, every morning.

In a similar way, you won’t directly go to your dream job - you’ll have to pass through a variety of stages before reaching your ideal position. And this takes time.

Don’t try to learn everything at once, and don’t try to skip steps on your way to your dream job.

Always keep your physical and mental health in mind when trying to improve yourself - and don’t try to take on a job that you are not ready for.

Take your time.

Find a mentor

The best thing you can do when you consider a career change is reaching out to people who have done so successfully in the past - perhaps people who have succeeded in the field you wish to switch to.

People love sharing advice and will do so gladly - all you need to do is ask.

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