March 06, 2020

CoolSculpting for the Reduction of Upper Arm Fat Is Now a Thing Too

CoolSculpting has turned into a recent trend in the beauty industry. Confirmed to be a secure and successful way to assist reducing fat cells in areas of the human body, CoolSculpting may be what you are searching for when it arrives to getting the toned look you prefer without having a surgical treatment.

CoolSculpting for arms is available here in Toronto at Laser Body Sculpting.

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting for the Reduction of Upper Arm Fat Is Now a Thing Too: eAskme
CoolSculpting for the Reduction of Upper Arm Fat Is Now a Thing Too: eAskme

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CoolSculpting for the upper arms is a non-invasive fat reduction process that requires no anesthesia, needles, or incisions.

It is based on the principle of cooling subcutaneous fat to the stage that the fat cells are damaged by the cooling procedure and consumed by the body.

Subcutaneous body fat is the layer of fat just simply under the skin.

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

CoolSculpting is dependent on the science of cryolipolysis, which uses the cellular reaction to cold to break down fatty tissue.

By extracting energy from fat layers, the procedure causes the fat cells to die slowly while leaving surrounding nerves, muscle, and other tissues untouched.

After treatment, the digested fat cells are delivered to the lymphatic system to be filtered out as waste materials over a period of several months.

Upper Arm Fat: What Causes It?

In adult women, there are three particular areas that are frequently referred to as the fat deposit trifecta: thighs, hips, and the upper arm area.

Many aspects cause the female body to store more body fat in these areas, such as genetics, age, and hormonal changes.

Because of the particular genetic makeup of these fatty areas, they are specifically tough to treat with diet changes and physical exercise.

Many women who have had trouble with these problem areas are selecting CoolSculpting arms to freeze away upper arm fat as an alternative to liposuction.

CoolSculpting Arms Preparation

Before making the choice to have your upper arms undergoes a CoolSculpting procedure, health professionals may request you to consider: Current health, Ideal bodyweight match, possible risks.

Careful Consideration

This process often does not need a significant amount of preparation, but should be taken into very careful consideration.

Always talk to your primary care medical doctor prior to undergoing CoolSculpting or other fat reduction procedures.

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The CoolSculpting Upper Arms Procedure

If CoolSculpting is the option you have decided to take, you may be asking yourself what the procedure will be like.

Many women wonder if CoolSculpting will provide them an immediate change when comparing their CoolSculpting before and after arms, but it is essential to remember that outcomes will vary from each person and CoolSculpting seems to be more effective and obvious to those who are healthy and maintain their ideal body-weight.

So What Can You Expect During a CoolSculpting Process?

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You may expect something during a CoolSculpting process. Here are some quick facts:

  • Some pinching and pulling on the hands is common
  • It usually takes 35 minutes per arm
  • An applicator is used to apply the controlled cooling to the skin
  • Many men and women who have CoolSculpting done to their upper arms read or listen to music during the procedure.
  • Remember, it is not a surgical procedure, so it can be done in an office setting without having anesthesia or surgery.

CoolSculpting Upper Arms: Side Effects

As with any other form of medical procedure, a CoolSculpting arm has risks and side effects. This is why it is usually important to speak with a licensed care provider before going through any type of medical procedure.

Because CoolSculpting is FDA-approved, it is noninvasive and does not produce any sort of significant damage or harm to a patient. Many patients who have had CoolSculpting done to their arms report the following side effects: Aches, Numbness, Stinging, Swelling of upper arms.

Common Symptoms

All of these signs and symptoms are common as the skin starts to warm back up from the fat freezing that took place in your upper arms.

Think about when you are hands become so cold that you cannot feel them anymore, then when you get started to warm them up, you may experience similar side effects.

Helpful Reminder

These symptoms are common among upper arm CoolSculpting patients, but if your symptoms last longer than a few days or you have concerns, speak with your provider.

A helpful reminder: If you are very sensitive to the cold or have Raynaud’s disease, you may want to consider if the process is right for you.

How much does CoolSculpting cost?

Cost is decided by the size of treatment area, desired result, the size of the applicator, as well as where you live. Costs may vary from $550 to $1000 per arm.

You will likely be charged per arm. Follow-up appointments should not be necessary.

Who is a Great Candidate for CoolSculpting for Arms?

Most patients are good candidates for CoolSculpting treatments if they are healthy and balanced adults, have unwanted upper arm fat, are not good candidates for liposuction or wish to avoid an invasive procedure.


No treatment is right for everyone, however. If you have a lot of body fat in the area or desire quicker results, you may wish to consider liposuction as an alternative.

It is important to talk about the pros and cons of different treatments with your providers to determine which solutions are right for your demands.

CoolSculpting is available worldwide and also here in Toronto.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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