Coronavirus and TVirus: Similarities and Differences (Be Easy)

Coronavirus, Covid-19 and Lockdown are the most popular world these days. Every single person is talking about these, and countries are facing a terrible time in history.

Coronavirus has made the world stand against one common enemy, yet the efforts to kill or get rid of Coronavirus is not bringing positive results.

Coronavirus and TVirus: Similarities and Differences (Be Easy): eAskme
Coronavirus and TVirus: Similarities and Differences (Be Easy): eAskme
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The world is dealing with this common enemy of humanity, a thought that comes in my mind and many others who have watched Resident evil is T-Virus.

I have watched all parts of the Resident Evil series, so the thought of T-virus was always there in my mind.

In some ways, there are many similarities between COVID-19 and TVirus.

There are two reasons why I am writing about this topic:

  1. I feel some similarities between TVirus and Coronavirus
  2. I want to tell you that you are not alone, and we all are dealing with the same situation.
Today, I will be discussing the similarities between Coronavirus and TVius and how they are different are.


There are facts and myths about the Coronavirus.

Fact says that A woman has eaten a bat and the virus transferred into her, and rumor says that CORONAvirus born in the lab during experiments on the bat. I believe in facts.

T-virus born in Umbrella corporation.


The big reason why I have a feeling about TVirus when thing about Coronavirus is that both are pandemics.

Coronavirus is spreading from one human to many without even touching the other humans, just by cough, sneeze, or touch.

TVirus was also spreading due to dead humans turning into zombies and eating the living ones.

So in both cases, humans are the virus carriers.

But here is a significant difference:

TVIrus was also spreading from animals, air, and water.

But till now we have no confirmed report that if Coronavirus is spreading from water, air and animals.


There was an antidote for TVirus before it started spreading.

But till now we do not have any antidote or 100% cure of Coronavirus.

Scientists are still trying to understand it and trying to cure it with the help of available medicines.

People who have successfully defeated Corna are those who have better immunity. But TVIrus has nothing to do with the immunity.


No matter how dangerous the virus is, we can still defeat it with our will, positive attitude and by following the orders from government authorities.

This TVirus Vs. Coronavirus comparison will also help you understand one thing and that is nothing can defeat humanity.

Stay home, stay safe, and pray for others. And, if you do not know about TVirus then watch Resident Evil movie series online.

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