April 22, 2020

LinkedIn Polls: LinkedIn Allowing Users to Add Polls within Their Posts

By Sona Mathews
LinkedIn is officially working on a new feature that will allow LinkedIn users to add polls within their content.

LinkedIn Polls: LinkedIn Allowing Users to Add Polls within Their Posts: eAskme
LinkedIn Polls: LinkedIn Allowing Users to Add Polls within Their Posts: eAskme

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Jane Manchun Wong, has uncovered this feature in her tweet. She is an expert in finding hidden features and security vulnerabilities using reverse engineering apps.

This screenshot shows that LinkedIn polls will work similarly to the Twitter polls.

In LinkedIn polls, you can create one question and allow users to vote on up to four responses.

The only difference right now between Twitter polls and LinkedIn polls is that where Twitter poll lasts for seven days, the LinkedIn poll will continue till 14th day.

Polls on Instagram and Facebook only stay there for 24 hours.

LinkedIn Has not officially announced about this feature or when they will be releasing LinkedIn polls.

Still, on LinkedIn, you will find a lot of posts about how to create LinkedIn polls, how to use them, etc.

These posts give you a clear hint that LinkedIn will be releasing LinkedIn polls soon.

LinkedIn Polls: What you should know about it:

LinkedIn Poll Visibility:

LinkedIn allows you to adjust the poll visibility.

You can set it to anyone, Twitter, Connection only, group members and event attendees.

After publishing the poll, you cannot change its visibility.

LinkedIn poll duration:

You can set the poll duration to;
  • One Day

  • Three Days

  • One Week, or

  • Two Weeks

LinkedIn poll insights:

LinkedIn allows the author to know who has voted and how.

You can also check the result according to the number of votes and percentage.

If you create a LinkedIn poll on your LinkedIn page, then all the page admin can see who has voted.
You can also create polls in LinkedIn groups.

Support multiple devices:

You can not only create a poll on LinkedIn using a desktop or laptop, but you can also use Android and iOS apps to create polls on LinkedIn.

Only the author of the poll can check who has voted.

How to Create LinkedIn polls:

  • Go to Start icon.

  • Click on “Create a Poll”

  • Type your question and options.

  • Select poll duration

  • Click on “Next”

  • Click on the “Edit” icon to edit the poll and select with whom you want to share the poll

  • Click on “Post”

Final Words:

The LinkedIn poll is not available worldwide.

LinkedIn is gradually rolling out this feature, and soon it will be available worldwide. You can also check LinkedIn poll facts here.

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