April 10, 2020

Wreck Your Junk Car with CashCarsBuyer

By Sona Mathews
Have you ever thought that the junk car sitting in your garage can actually be of some use to you?

If you are contemplating on how to free up space in your garage and get rid of your junk car, then you should consider wrecking your junk car.

It will not only help you to make some space in your garage but will also fetch you money for your new car.
Wreck your Junk Car with CashCarsBuyer: eAskme
Wreck your Junk Car with CashCarsBuyer: eAskme
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Wrecking a car means to make use of an unwanted car. Scraping a junk car will not only add to your pocket but will also help you to protect the environment.

Wrecking a junk car produces abundant scrap parts that can be recycled and can be used in the manufacture of other goods.

Why consider Junk Car Removal Near Me?

A car is one such belonging that people invest a lot of money to buy.

Every car has a certain duration of service life.

Once this duration is over, the vehicle may start to have problems functioning.

Although the car may not work, the owner has to pay for its maintenance and invest space in sheltering the car. This unnecessary expenditure eventually becomes a burden on the individual.

It is at this time when most people require help from firms that offer car removal services.

Most people today perceive owing the latest model of the car as their status symbol.

They have their eyes set on the latest released model but often refrain from buying it owing to the lack of space in their garage.

The latest model of the car has updated features, and it comes with everything which their junk car lacks.

How will let such an amazing offer go out of their hands?

Hence, wrecking a car is the best way to make some space in your garage and also make some money with which you can buy your desired car. 

Other ways of getting rid of old cars and their drawbacks:

The most common alternative to get your hands off a non-functional car is by selling the car as a second-hand car to a buyer.

As easy as this may seem, it is an expensive and time-consuming process for the seller.
  • First, the individual has to advertise the sale of his/her cars through advertisements or by spreading the news to all his/her acquaintances. It may take quite some time for potential buyers to respond to the commercials. During this time, the seller has to continue to bear the expenses for the car.

  • Second, if the sellers live in an interior or suburban location, buyers may not want to travel there to check the car. In such cases, the individual has to make arrangements to drive the car or transport it to the potential buyers’ location. This may be a serious problem for the seller, considering that some of the cars may be non-functional.

  • Third, the owner has to pay for all the repair work and cleaning to ensure that even if the car is old, it seems like a brand new to the second-hand buyer.

  • Fourth, the buyers usually ask for lower prices even if the repair work is complete, and the car is completely functional.

  • Fifth, after the sale of the car, the seller has to provide car-pickup services to reach the vehicle to the new owner’s doorstep. Thus, it can be said that the seller ends up paying more to sell the car than he/she earns from the deal.

How will wrecking junk cars benefit us?

Car wrecking is a process where the good parts of a car are extracted and employed properly. It can provide valuable parts that can be used elsewhere.

Say, for example, the metal extracted out of the junk car is important and can be used in steel mills where it will be employed in the manufacture of engines, window panes, etc. Hence, wrecking a car has its own advantages.

It is a useful method where scrap or junk car can be put to many uses instead of it rotting in some junkyard.

How to reach out to us?

Instead of throwing your junk car in the garbage, get the most out of its scrap parts.

You can easily get a lump-sum amount for your scrap car with the right wrecking company.

All you need to do is reach out to us and follow the five simple steps.
  • Step 1: The seller needs to contact the firm to inform them that he/she wants to sell his/her car. There is a system on instant online valuation also available. Through this system, the owner provides all the necessary details of the car to the firm.

  • Step 2: Our team will then fix an appointment with you.

  • Step 3: On the basis of these details, they draw up a valuation on the price the firm is willing to pay in exchange for buying the old car

  • Step 4: The company has professionals with many years of experience in the automotive industry. They check and assess the car for free. The assessment takes about 20 – 25 minutes. If the car meets our guidelines, and once you have agreed upon the terms and conditions, we will tow your car to our factory.

  • Step 5: As soon as the car reaches our location, you will be paid the money.

Why choose CashCarsBuyer?

The quality of the services provided by us speaks a lot about us. Our top-class professionals offer the best wrecking services.

Some of the many reasons as to why you should hire us are as follows:
  1. We pay cash within the stipulated period of time in exchange for your junk car. There is no restriction on any kind of car. We accept cars of all brands and in any condition.

  2. We provide 24/7 customer service; hence reaching out to us is not a problem. We are always happy to treat our customers.

  3. The core team is made up of well-trained professionals who use the latest technology along with the best of their skills to their customers.

  4. We have a track record of thousands of happy customers.

Get your car Valued for free!

We offer free car valuation.

We employ high tech tools to conduct the evaluation of your car online.

All you need to do is visit our website and enter the details of your car, and we will provide a genuine valuation for the same.

Unlike our competitors, we don’t charge a penny for doing a valuation. 

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