5 Best Educational Films for Students to Boost Learning and Motivation

Conventional teaching methods alone are not enough to motivate students. Providing them with an inspirational form of entertainment to expand their knowledge and improve their focus can be immensely useful.

That’s where educational films come into play.

5 Best Educational Films for Students to Boost Learning and Motivation: eAskme
5 Best Educational Films for Students to Boost Learning and Motivation: eAskme
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Educational films for students are a compelling way to boost motivation, particularly when they have an affection towards a specific subject.

Essay writers can find these movies inspiring when drafting the next college assignment.

5 Top Educational Movies to Watch This Semester

If you have a neck for educational movies, then you’ll understand where this is coming from. These films are not the typical run-of-the-mill movies.

In fact, they are packed with high-value content that can boost one’s knowledge and skills.

Research shows films such as these are effective in:
These top educational movies are highly recognized for their outstanding content and story.

Here is a list of some of the best picks you might find inspiring.

1. Inside Job (2010) – For Business and Finance Students

Inside Job can’t cease to amaze. It’s one of those educational films that managed to leave a huge impression on people all around the world.

The plot is focused on exposing the corruption in the United States that led to the complete banking crash in 2008.

This event cost $20 trillion in loss and resulted in millions of people losing their estates and jobs.

It almost brought forth a worldwide financial collapse.

By lining up all the villainous politicians, bankers, credit agencies, and regulators, students can get a precise image of what it was like back then.

This comprehensive documentary analysis can serve as a major inspiration for essay writers who are studying the stock market.

For finance and business students, learning about the worst recession after the Great Depression can give valuable insight into how to regulate the stock market.

2. Whiplash (2014) – For Art and Design Students

Very few best educational movies can match the impact of Whiplash.

When it comes to seeking inspiration and motivation, nothing can quite compare to this story.

The movie is about an archetype, one that almost all students in performing arts have to face.

While the story is more on the sensitive side, it evolves in a spittle-inflected tirade with almost a comical tone.

It’s about a young drummer desperately trying to pursue his dream.

But, despite not getting any help from those he cares about, he has to learn how to fight through the pressure.

The story provides a fascinating concept that performing arts graduates can relate to.

It shows just how challenging it can be to achieve success and keep chasing your dreams.

This is another interesting topic for essay writers, even those looking for essay writers for hire.

The topic can be an inspiring factor for writing assignments, particularly in this niche.

3. Agora (2009) – For History and Philosophy Students

Thankfully, there are plenty of educational films to choose from for students in philosophy and history majors; Agora is one of them.

With feminism and gender equality slowly taking over, this educational movie seems like the right pick.

The story revolves around the Hypatia of Alexandria.

It’s a historic biography set in Roman Egypt in time when women were not respected for their mathematic or philosophy skills.

Due to patriarchy, the works of skilled professors, like Hypatia, remain underappreciated and covered.

This shows a clear indication of the influence and impacts this historical figure could have had.

Students can get a clear insight into the way these events have unfolded and what kind of effect they had in pursuing freedom and knowledge.

For students looking for a writer for hire, this could be an excellent topic to write about.

4. The Imitation Game (2014) – For Computer Science Students

It’s easy to overlook crucial contributors in a time of crisis. Many facts about World War II remain unnoticed, like Alan Turing.

Not many have heard of this name, but it is a highly influential person that managed to save the lives of countless people in that period.

This is one of the best educational movies that talk about Alan and his team of mathematicians.

With the help of Turing’s rudimentary computer, they managed to crack the unbreakable Enigma code, which massively shortened the World War.

5. When We Were Kings (1996) – For Sport Students

Students in sports majors always need the right inspiration, a figure to look up to.

When picking out the ultimate educational movies for sports, it’s hard not to think about "When We Were Kings."

It’s one of those educational films that has managed to leave a mark even after being developed so long ago.

It will take students back to a classic moment in history before Muhammad Ali became a renowned professional boxer. It takes on a highly emotional approach with a refined tone that sports students will enjoy.

Not only does it show off the ups and downs in the industry, but it also proves that with hard effort, everything is possible.

If you are a sports student and you are preparing for a big match or tournament, you might want to take a look at this one.

It’s the perfect representation of dedication, skill, and hard effort.

It shows that regardless of background or struggles, everyone can achieve academic success.

We all have the chance to obtain our goals; we just have to reach for them.

Overall, this is something you will most likely enjoy.

Final Thoughts

Numerous educational films can hit the spot and improve learning.

But when it comes to picking the best ones, these do stand out.

They are inspiring picks that can keep every student engaged, concentrated, and focused.

They are here to remind students of the real value of education and knowledge, to encourage them to achieve their goals in life.

Of course, in the end, whether they like them or not will depend on personal taste.

However, the idea is to spark motivation and boost learning.

Besides, it’s a good idea to take a break from regular learning methods.

Not only will they prove more efficient, but they will also provide a creative way for students to broaden their knowledge.


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