June 03, 2020

Design for Outdoor Advertising — What to Consider When Creating a Layout?

Creating a design layout for outdoor advertising consists of 2 parts: the technical part and the creative concept.

Let's consider these components in more detail.

Among carriers of outdoor advertising, it is possible to note advertising boards, banners, billboards, information racks, pavement signs, city-lights and city-formats, lightboxes, etc.

Design for Outdoor Advertising — What to Consider When Creating a Layout?: eAskme:
Design for Outdoor Advertising — What to Consider When Creating a Layout?: eAskme

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For each of these media, it is necessary to create a design layout of advertising, which should be perceived and fascinating at once.

Several vital principles when creating layouts for outdoor advertising:

Compact information

Whatever the size of your media, the information on it should be understandable at a glance.

Therefore it is best not to clutter the layout with a large number of images and use short but accurate texts.

Use large, serif-free fonts.

To attract attention, it is best to make large headlines that cling to the eyes of a passerby.

It is also essential to consider the format and location of advertising media - on billboards with a height of 3 meters, the small font will not be read.

To select the font size, you can use a hint - the height of the letters in the horizontal layout should be at least 1/6 of the billboard, and for the vertical - 1/18.

Color contrasts.

It is better to use color contrasts to highlight essential points in the layout.

The brighter the contrast, the higher the distance from which your advertisement can be seen.


If you want to give as much contact info as possible, it is better to limit yourself to one. It can be a phone or a website.

In some cases, it will be better to work the site, because people are much easier to contact by non-verbal communication - to look at the site and write a message to them easier than to call immediately.

For retail outlets, you need to write the address of the store. The phone is important for a call - "here and now".


  1. When creating an advertising layout, be sure to check the readability of the text. Use free iPhone mockups, to insert into the template.

    The finished design is printed on an ordinary printer in A4 format, and the readability is checked at arm's length.

  2. As for the advertising message, the main rule is to optimize the length of the text. It is important to remember that outdoor advertising is perceived, most often, in motion, which means that a person has only a few seconds to look at the advertisement and find the main message.

    In addition, the choice of font is also important. Tricky, though beautiful font, reads quite difficult, so the optimal fonts are conventional, without serifs, with an equal alphabetic interval.

  3. The choice of the color scheme of the design layout directly depends on the environment where the advertising medium will be placed. Most of them are outside, and the environment is a powerful distraction.

    Therefore, when developing the layout should take into account the season and the natural background (trees, houses) and the change of lighting. Advertising should stand out, not compete with the motley world around it.

    For example, the use of blue shades in the layout when placing a billboard against the background of the spring blue sky is unlikely to highlight your layout. And if the carrier is on a green leaf background, the use of small details in the layout will "salt" it with the background.
The creative concept of creating outdoor advertising should be based on how the brand is positioned. Any advertising is not only the presentation of a product or service but also the broadcast of the values that the brand adheres to.

Outdoor advertising is usually not the main advertisement but is one part of the advertising campaign's communication strategy.

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