February 26, 2020

Best Features To Look For In An Adblocker

You have often seen advertisements popping up on the screen of your browser, but you hardly knew about their malefic nature.

If your device is not yet equipped with a good ad blocker, there are chances that your information is being leaked out or your privacy is at stake.

Best Features To Look For In An Adblocker: eAskme
Best Features To Look For In An Adblocker: eAskme

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So, you need to choose the best adblocker for your device, and to do that, there are certain things that you need to take into consideration.

Safe browsing experience

An ad blocker does not only concentrate on blocking the ads but also makes sure that your privacy is not at stake while browsing through the internet.

Choosing a good adblocker ensures that the browser has been secured from any outside threats.

Moreover, considering a good adblocker lets you browse through without getting tracked by any external source.

Also, it keeps the browsing activities anonymous by removing data points that websites use to identify you.

Once you come across the right ad blocker, you will be able to notice the browsers that have been restricted along with the stated reasons.

Blocks every interrupted pop-up

An adblock is not only meant to prevent the ads from popping up but should block every advertisement that comes in the way.

While browsing through the internet, several interruptions occur in the way like banners, Facebook ads, sidebar ads, banner ads, and unskippable YouTube video ads, and much more.

There are a number of extensions available on the internet, which can block the ads and help you browse smoothly without any obstruction.

While choosing an ad blocker, you must select one which has a “no acceptable ads” policy, which means they won’t let any ads slip through, even from whitelisted websites.

Protects your privacy

Privacy is a significant concern when you choose an ad blocker. Though most ad-blockers claim that they can provide high security, but in reality, they end up ditching the users.

So, while deciding on an ad blocker, it helps to remove all the trackers and add trusted sites to a whitelist.

When browsing through a website, there are a number of malware elements that come in the way.

The browser history is also kept locked so that no third-party can come to know about it.

User-friendly interface

If the interface of the ad blocker is easy to use, then it can definitely attract massive traffic.

Not everyone out there is a tech-savvy and thus designing a user-friendly interface that is easy to use can make the particular ad blocker available to everyone out there.

Such an interface presents well-organized options, laid out on the front page, which helps the users to avoid complicated filter selections.

Saves the data

Installing a genuine ad blocker will help you to save the data bandwidth that you end-up spending every day.

The unwanted advertisements that tend to pop-up every time you browse through the internet, not only save up to fifty percent of your daily data usage but also boost your device and smoothen its performance.

So, if you want to save data while browsing through the internet, make sure that it can block images, scripts, and fonts along with the suddenly popping advertisements.

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