October 06, 2020

The Drawbacks of a Bad Human Resource Department

By Sona Mathews

Human resources is one of the main sectors of any business, or at least it should be if it isn’t. Without a great human resource department in place, there are several things that can derail a company.

The Drawbacks of a Bad Human Resource Department: eAskme


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Below are a few ways that a subpar HR staff and HR management system can have a negative impact on a business.

I will also point out why these reasons are so bad for the bottom line of the company.

Poor Employee Retention

When a company has a poor human resource department, it is going to make some employees quit or look at other options in the industry at better companies.

Reasons why they could want to leave is that the culture is bad, or the training is not making them grow as a business professional.

Human resource managers are one of the key contributors to retaining great employees and helping them grow as well as move up in the company.

If a human resource department is lacking, those great employees are going to find a position at another company where they are valued and can grow.

Mistakes in Scheduling

Human resource employees are the people that other employees must report to when they need to take a vacation, sick day, or any scheduling conflict that they have.

A quick way to make any employee mad is to make mistakes with employee’s sick time or vacation pay.

A mad employee is not going to perform their own duties to their best ability, and it is going to have a major trickle-down effect.

You need great HR systems in place to keep track of all absences to make the workplace more effective in general.

A system that can do this is going to be a huge time saver for your staff and make the HR department much more effective.

Terrible Culture

Relating to the points above, having a terrible culture is the sum of all of the problems that a HR department causes if they are not performing their job correctly.

The HR employees are largely responsible with working with management to make an incredible culture at the workplace.

A poor culture will lead to so many problems that it can cause the company to not be as effective on all fronts of business.

A bad culture can negatively impact recruiting, sales, and basically everything with the bottom line in a business. I mean who would want to work for a company with poor culture?

Setting up great systems with an HR department is going to avoid all of these problems for the most part and set up any company for success if everything else is in place.

Tt is such an easy fix, but most people overlook the importance of human resources and that is why their culture is not great.

Hopefully these three drawbacks highlighted the importance of setting up great systems with human resources to be effective.

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