October 11, 2020

Top 10 in-Demand Jobs at LinkedIn

LinkedIn's top 10 in-demand jobs now include digital marketers also. When we say digital marketers, it means the people with Content marketers, SEO, and social media management skills.

LinkedIn's top 10 in-demand jobs list reveals that Digital marketing experts' demand has risen in the past four years.

Top in-Demand Jobs at LinkedIn: eAskme
Top in-Demand Jobs at LinkedIn: eAskme


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This is the reason that Digital marketing is the top in-demand skill at LinkedIn.

The list of 10 most desired jobs is based on LinkedIn's data with the help of Job posted. They have tracked more than 706 million professionals, 90,000 schools, 36,000 skills, IIM job opening, and 55 million companies.

To filter the data and get the best list of in-demand jobs, LinkedIn has also focused on;

  • Last 4 years job Growth
  • Skills
  • Job Pay

Here are the LinkedIn's Top 10 In-Demand Jobs:

LinkedIn has also developed different courses for every most in-demand Job.

Software Developer: 15M+ job openings

This includes Programming, development, security, storage, networking, and coding skills.

Sales Representative: 8.5M+ job openings

This includes social media, B2B, Negotiation, Storytelling, Business development, and CRM skills.

Project Manager: 2.7M+ job openings

This includes Project management, project performance, and process improvement skills.

IT Administrator: 2M+ job openings

This includes managing systems, configuration, subscription, and identifying active directories and windows servers.

Customer Service Specialist: 1.8M+ job openings

This includes customer satisfaction, user experience, admin analysis, CRM, and data entry skills.

Digital Marketer: 860k+ job openings

This includes content marketing, social media, SEO, Google Analytics, marketing channels, Google ads skills.

IT Support/Help Desk: 590k+ job openings

This includes Microsoft windows server, active directory, computer hardware,  and troubleshooting skills.

Data Analyst: 360k+ job openings

This includes Analytics, data analysis, visualization, Tableau, BI, Microsoft Excel, and SQL skills.

Financial Analyst: 360k+ job openings

This includes data analysis, accounting, risk management, financial analysis, and analytical skills.

Graphic Designer: 355k+ job openings

This includes Photoshop, in design, illustrator, design system, color, and layout skills.

If you go for these courses, then, in the end, you will earn a course completion certificate from LinkedIn.

More than 10M people have already completed LinkedIn courses. LinkedIn focus is to convert that number into 25 million.

Here are the list of courses from LinkedIn.

Stay tuned with us for more LinkedIn updates.

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