October 30, 2018

How to Publish Video Content on LinkedIn Company Pages using Vimeo?

Vimeo and Linkedin brings a good news for you.Good news for those who want to publish videos on Linkedin. Vimeo has officially announced their integration with Linkedin. Vimeo is a popular video/tube website where you can upload and watch videos. It works similarly to YouTube. Now if you upload content on Vimeo video platform, then you can easily share that video on your Linkedin company page.

LinkedIn Company Pages Can Now Publish Video Content Directly from Vimeo: eAskme
LinkedIn Company Pages Can Now Publish Video Content Directly from Vimeo: eAskme

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This is the very first end-to-end integration of Linkedin with a video website.

Now the question is how you can share the video from Vimeo on Linkedin?

How publishing videos on Linkedin

LinkedIn Company Pages Can Now Publish Video Content Directly from Vimeo: eAskme

Here is the answer.
  • All you need is to go to your channel and go to the video that you have uploaded on Vimeo.

  • Click on the share button.

  • Go to "publish to social" option.

  • It will ask you to upgrade your account to enable this feature.

  • Once you upgrade, you will be able to publish the video on LinkedIn.
With one click you will be publishing videos on the Linkedin company page.

Vimeo also enables video analytics so that you can check the stats of your video on Linkedin.

How will publishing videos on Linkedin be helpful for marketers?

We all know that video help to boost engagement, traffic, conversion, build trust and turn business into a brand. There are following benefits that marketers will enjoy with videos on Linkedin.

Boost reach:

Marketers understand that videos attract five times more visitors than text content. Linkedin marketers can use the videos on LinkedIn pages to boost the trust and engagement.

Save time:

Vimeo allows you to share the video on multiple networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Tumblr, Pinterest and reddit. Now you can also share it on Linkedin. This way you save time by sharing videos from one place to all popular networks.

Video Analytics:

Marketers understand the importance of analytics. Analytics help them find if the marketing strategy is fruitful or they have to change their approach. Vimeo offers analytics from Linkedin also. This is an easy way to find out how your videos are performing on LinkedIn and what you should do more.

Final words:

Publishing videos on LinkedIn with a single click is something that will help marketers to boost engagement, traffic and conversion. Vimeo's "Publish to social" button is there waiting for you to hit it. All you need is to create excellent and engaging videos to boost video marketing and share them on multiple networks.

Remember: Vimeo has opened "Publish to social" feature for paid subscribers only.

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