September 27, 2020

LinkedIn Has a New Look With Improved Search Experience

The New LinkedIn Look comes with Improved Search Experience and Stories open for All.

Twitter has updated it’s look, Facebook has updated it’s look, so why would LinkedIn stay behind. The world’s biggest professional social network is now displaying the new look.

The new LinkedIn design is rolled out widely with new features and improved search results.

LinkedIn Has a New Look With Improved Search Experience: eAskme
LinkedIn Has a New Look With Improved Search Experience: eAskme

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In this new design update, LinkedIn has also updated the Stories and new messaging features.

LinkedIn content share rate has increased by 50% every year.

In the past year, also LinkedIn has made many changes that have helped the network to boost user engagement and attract more signups.

Now, LinkedIn has introduced;

  • A new design
  • LinkedIn Stories
  • Better Messaging features
  • And they have streamlined search results.

Here is everything that you must know about the new look for LinkedIn.

The New Look of LinkedIn:

A New Look for LinkedIn: eAskme

LinkedIn is trying to bring evolution with the help of this new design. It is suggested that the new look will help the brands to connect with members and run product promotions easily.

The overall focus of this LinkedIn update is to improve connections.

The new design includes everything which will improve the community building at LinkedIn.

The new modern LinkedIn Look comes with better features and easy navigation.

Search Results:

Linkedin-New-Look-Search-Results: eAskme

The new design for LinkedIn is also bringing improvement to the user's search experience by searching for a streamlined process.

Now users can easily search jobs, people, posts, groups, companies, schools, events, etc. on LinkedIn.
The LinkedIn search bar is also good to search for content, events, and groups.

LinkedIn Stories:

LinkedIn has been testing LinkedIn stories since February 2020. Now they have launched LinkedIn story features in the USA and Canada. It is expected that in the coming weeks, LinkedIn stories will roll out for worldwide users.

Stories on LinkedIn allow users to share moments.

If you are already using Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat, you are already familiar with how stories work. But it is LinkedIn, and here stories are different.

The idea behind the LinkedIn stories is to boost conversation.

To serve this purpose, LinkedIn stories comes with two features;

Questions of the day:

They are allowing users to post the question of the day and get responses.

Localized Stickers:

LinkedIn stickers will change according to the region.

What can a LinkedIn user share in Stories?

LinkedIn stories are good for sharing three types of things;

  • What you do at Work?
  • What is relevant to your Work?
  • What you do other than your Work?

LinkedIn Messaging Updates:

LinkedIn users are massively sending messages to each other.

Linkedin has introduced some features to boost the number of messages and conversations.

Manage in Bulk:

LinkedIn allows you to select multiple messages to mark as read or delete or archive.


Users can edit or even delete the messages after sending them.


LinkedIn users can use emojis to share expressions.

Video Meeting:

Now LinkedIn users can switch between chat to live meetings using tools like Zoom, Bluejeans, and Microsoft teams.

Final Words:

LinkedIn is well known for updating its platform to make it user friendly.

Stay tuned with us for more LinkedIn updates.

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