Why Should You Rebrand Your Business?

Rebranding an online business is not an easy choice? There are a lot of issues that come with rebranding a running business, such as lose of old brand’s trusted customers, ranking on search results, etc.

But, many businesses have rebranded themselves again and again. And, it worked for them every time.

Why Should You Rebrand Your Business? eAskme
Why Should You Rebrand Your Business? eAskme

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But will rebranding work for you also?

The answer lies within the reasons why you should rebrand your online business.

Today, I am sharing some of the most common reasons why you should consider rebranding your business.


Relocating your business and it’s processed from one country to other cause massive issues such as office setup, change of local market, target audience, etc.

For example; if you are running a moving company in London and name of the business is “moving company in London”.  But, now you want to shift your work from London to Los Angeles, then you cannot keep the same name. You have to rebrand your business with the name like Los Angeles moving company.

Merger or Acquisition:

When two businesses merge or when one company acquires the other one, then it can decide to rebrand the original business as the business which is marketed in a better way.

When rebranding, the focus of the brand is to use the name which has better brand value and maximum market share.

For example; If SEO Mississauga has a better reputation than any other SEO service in Mississauga, then the brand will keep the first name.

Bad Reputation:

A bad reputation is the most common reason why brands choose to rebrand. The most common sense for lousy reputation are selling faulty products, data breach, lousy customer service, etc.

For example; if you are selling kitchen accessories but the product quality was questionable, then it will bring a bad name for your business. The easiest way to get rid of this by rebranding the company with a name or name that directly serves the user intent.


Some brands also think of changing the name of the business to adopt digitization. In most of the cases, brands change logo and theme colors of the brand website.

This is the most common practice in rebranding the brand website.

If you have been the regular reader of eAskme, then you may have already noticed the logo change in the past five years.

Outdated image:

Modernization is also a common reason to rebrand the business. Some businesses go old-fashioned with the time. The only solution for them to rebrand themselves to match the new trends.

For example; earlier, the brands were using more flash, but now they are using more colors and images.

Final Words:

Rebranding is a crucial decision, and you should only make it if your business has the above issues.

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