7 Incredible Websites To Create Free Logo For Your Business

It is proved that visual memory of human beings’ is very powerful. Humans remember more what they see rather than what they read or hear. This is a scientific logic. Science help everyone everytime in life and it`s also helpful for your business can be expanded if people can recognize your brand. It is easy to start a business but the hard and time consuming task is to make it a brand. Branding can be done when people recognize your brand. Branding is a task to leave remarkable effect on visual memory of people for good of your own business. Logo is the most important part of branding. Logo represent your business.

7 Incredible Websites To Create Free Logo For Your Business : eAskme
7 Incredible Websites To Create Free Logo For Your Business : eAskme
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A good logo is that which can remind people your business. As it is important task but it s not easy.  You have to hire a talented logo designer to create a professional logo. You can easily find logo designers. Now the question is how much money you should invest in Logo? A  professional logo make can ask for more than 100 USD and a newbie can ask for few USD.

Don`t worry, I am here to help you. Today I will share some incredible online to help you in designing a logo for your business.

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You can see some pre-defined template designs for logo on these sites. You just need to add Image, brand name, adjust options, some tweaking and you will have your own logo ready. Now let`s see the list on these awesome Websites To Create Free Logo For Your Business Online.

7 Incredible Logo Maker Websites To Create Free Logo For Your Business:

Online Logo Maker (

Create Free Logo For Business : eAskme

Online Logo Maker is the best site to design a logo for free. You can create and download a free blog without registering on Online Logo Maker.

You just need to select image from available images or upload a custom image then put brand name, adjust alignment, color, proportion, size and logo is ready. Within few minutes you will get fantastic results.

The Free Logo Makers (

Create Free Logo For Business : eAskme

TheFreeLogoMakers provides you limited design templates and a basic user interface to create logo for free. Still it is a good tool to create a decent looking logo within few minutes for your business.

You can make logo for free. It also offer you premium service, where you have to spend few bucks and you will get high vector graphics of your logo in transparent format and in 8 different sizes. This is a good choice if you really like what you have designed.

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Logo Genie (

Logogenie is a popular site to create awesome logos online. It has a easy to use and very user-friendly interface. You just need to choose category, enter company name and you will see so many logos ready for you.

After selecting a logo you can also customize it. Change orientation, color,  gradient and glow it. When you done, you can download your logo.

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Logo Garden (

Create Free Logo For Business : eAskme

Logogarden offers an easy to use DIY editor to make incredible logos. I prefer special symbol effects and metallic finish effects. You can try different effects from “Symbol Effects” option.

Thus it allow you to use shine, shadow, reflect distress etc. Medals and trophies makes your logo completely awesome. You can register to download your logo.

Logo Design Image (logodesignengine)

Create Free Logo For Business : eAskme

Logodesignengine offers very limited options. It display only 5 images per page you you may feel tired searching. You just need to keep moving faster.

It is still a very useful tool to create logo if you do not want to use rotation, alignment and other options. You can download logo without registration.

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Logaster (

Create Free Logo For Business : eAskme

Logaster is one of the best place to design awesome logos. It help you create awesome logos super efficient and fast. Within few minutes you can create an awesome logo.

You need to have an account to download logo as a zip file. In the zip file you will get six different modified logos. You can even pay to get high resolution files of your logo.

Free Logo Services (

Create Free Logo For Business : eAskme

Freelogoservices provide you various options for your logo. You can create simple design logo in just few clicks. Choose a design, adjust colors, orientation etc.

It also allow you to create similar business cards according to your logo. This will help you to have your business as a “Brand”.

You can also try Designhill for logo purposes.


7 Incredible Websites To Create Free Logo For Your Business : eAskme

Logojoy is like working with a real designer. You answer a few short questions about your business or project, choose from colours and logos you like, and Logojoy learns from the choices you make, delivering stunning results. You can also modify any logo in real-time with easy-to-use tools, and preview your design in real-time.

Tip: If you do not want to use any of these free sites than you can hire a professional freelancer on fiverr for just $5.

So these are the 7 Incredible Websites To Create Free Logo For Your Business. If you find this article helpful, do share on your social profiles.

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